Game Concept Ideas/Notes.

Posted: January 5, 2013 in Craft & Media Tec, Interactive Comms, Intro To Games Design
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These are some ideas I had of starting points for creating games which I hope to be able to use in the future.

  1. Set in the future?A world where oxygen is running thin and most of the planet is dying. Corporations monopolise oxygen and use it to have power.
  2. Daemons that feed on the evil in people they cultivate.Responsible for horrific events in the world.

    Play as spirit detective or hunter, hunting them down or as a daemon causing chaos and feeding.

    Race of daemons called “The Sai” and come in many forms The lowest being a parasite that is invisible to normal people slowly feeding on the bad deeds and influencing like a small voice till it fully corrupts the host and assimilates taking over its form.

    Another form of the Sai is one that keeps to the shadows and influences through dreams, keeps a connection to the target through an item they keep with them all the time e.g. phone, wedding ring etc.

    Another is a shape shifter who influences the host through little pushes and encouragements helping helping them reach their peak of evil.

    Predator Sai hunt the weak of their kind and devour them and their host at the same time usually biding their time till the host reaches its peak so they can get a greater meal. They evolve faster then most Sai and grow more rapidly the more they consume.

  3. A master thief who lets himself be captured to kill a man in the most secure prison in the world. Getting in and killing him is easy getting out is the hard part.Keeps his sword in his stomach and regurgitates when needed pulling it out of his throat putting his hand in his mouth.

    Ability can be used to store other weapons and items.

  4. Necromanced creatures that can only sustain physical form in the living world by absorbing life energy from humans.
  5. A game that asks the player a number of questions to know what his/her fears are and what there likes and desires are. The game play will be navigating a maze that is randomly generated every time were the player will run into his/her fears or desirers but some may change from one to the other to keep the player on their tows and make them paranoid about what to trust and if its worth the risk or not.

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