Crazy Market:


Platform: Mobile Phone & PS Vita

Quick Breakdown:

This game falls under AGON because you get a score for every level and a star rating that levels up you’re rank, you can also re-play missions to beat your old score.

This game falls under ALEA because you don’t know if an item will need to be scanned once or twice or what kind of bonuses or hindrances you will get from the mystery boxes.

This game falls under MIMICRY because you are taking on the roll of a cashier scanning products and placing them back on the conveyor belt.

Forms of play:

LUDUS – This game has clear preset rules and goals.

What needs does the game fulfill:

Competence – You progress very quickly in this game and can see all of the stages that you have completed.

What player type(s) does this game suit best:

Achiever because you get a score for each level you complete and the higher your score the more rewards you get.

Examples of Punishment and reward within the game:

If you don’t reach your target number of scans you are punished by not being able to progress onto the next stage. For doing well on stages you are rewarded with items.

How does it deal with the Hedonic Treadmill:

There is not much to keep you playing besides trying to beat you’re scores on levels you have already completed.


In crazy market you play as a cashier and have to scan items before they make it to the other side of the conveyor belt.  This can be done in a verity of ways for example; by dragging the item off of the and across the scanner, some items need to be scanned more than once to be accepted, also by hand typing the items product code into the key pad, this scans all of the items of the same type currently on the conveyor belt. There are also a verity of power ups that will scan items like the hand scanner which shoots a laser and you just aim it at the products till they explode and the clean up power up scans all the items currently on the conveyor belt. You can only play missions on crazy market if you have coffee, once your out of coffee you have to wait for one to be added to your inventory, once every 30 minuets, or buy them with either the coins you earn from missions or real money. Since you are an employee you do have a boss and he will explain each goal for every stage and explains everything in the game as well as gives you rewards if you do a good job.

There are many positive and negative power ups to give the game an element of chance, as well as the double scan items, this helps keep the game challenging. I would class this game as a more casual title as the stages can be completed in a few minuets making it very easy to pick up and play while your waiting for something and put down just as easily. Each stage can be re-played allowing you to beat your high score or just earn more coins to buy in game items like power ups and coffee.


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