Marc LeBlanc, Eight Kinds of Fun.

Posted: December 1, 2013 in Aspects of Play
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In his work on Mechanics Dynamics & Aesthetics (MDA) Marc LeBlanc came up with the Eight kinds of fun which are:

1. Sensation – Game as sense-pleasure e.g. Visuals, sounds and motion controls.

2. Fantasy – Game as make-believe – Fantasy world and settings that don’t exist in reality.

3. Narrative – Game as drama – Escalation in events or difficulty.

4. Challenge – Game as obstacle course – Games were most of the fun comes from a high difficulty from the game itself or competing against other players.

5. Fellowship – Game as social framework e.g. competitive or cooperative game play.

6. Discovery – Game as uncharted territory – Discover new areas, locations, secrets and skills throughout your journey through the game.

7. Expression – Game as self-discovery – The ability to express yourself within the game e.g. creating avatars and being more open allowing the player to have freedom to make decisions.

8. Submission – Game as pastime – A game that has ongoing events like raids, tournaments, quests, meting. A good example of this is a collectable card game, you will buy more packs to collect the cards you want to build your ideal deck and trade cards usually within the community, then enter tournaments to test your cards and skill.

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