Attack on Titan Tribute Game.

Posted: December 31, 2013 in Aspects of Play
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attackon titan tribute game

Name: Attack on Titan Tribute Game.


Platform: Browser Game (Link)

Quick Breakdown:

This game falls under AGON because their is a clear goal (kill all the titans as fast as possible) which takes skill to accomplish. You can then try to beat your past record as your skills improve.

This game falls under ILLINIX because using the 3D maneuver gear can become very disorientating very easily as you zip from tree to tree to gain an opportunity to strike on your pray. This is much like the fast movement in the show.

This game falls under MIMICRY because as stated above you are trying to be the characters from the show taking on their role to exterminate all the titans.

Forms of play:

LUDUS – This game has clear preset rules and goals.

What needs does the game fulfill:

Competence – There is a clear sense of mastery to be gained over the 3D maneuver gear when you play the game.

Relatedness – You can have a party of friends as big as you like to hunt down the titans encouraging teamwork and communication.

What player type(s) does this game suit best:

Socializer because of the cooperative play you can do to take on a greater difficulty or just have fun with your friends. I decided it only fitted with socializers because even though there is mastery to obtain and a goal to reach I did not think this was enough to satisfy an achiever for a long period.

Examples of Punishment and reward within the game:

Getting hit once may kill you but you have infinite respawns so it does not really punish you. the only limitation would be that your propellent gas can run out and will not refill till you fined a gas canister or die making it a valuable limited resource. once you kill all the titans you are rewarded with the completion of the stage.

How does it deal with the Hedonic Treadmill:

The difficulty of each stage keep them a challenge even for experienced players and jive you plenty to do to test your skills. There are many characters for you to try out and new stages are added regularly as the game is still in development.


As the name suggests this is an unofficial game based off of the hit series attack on titan, the game consists of several maps which are themed after areas in the show and a handful of the main characters each with their own unique special move. The objective of each game is to kill all the titans in the area as quickly as possible, this can be done in single player or cooperative multilayer allowing for teamwork as one shot from a titan will kill you.

I found myself constantly retrying as each kill takes a lot of skill and planning, the only way to kill a titan is to cut the back of their neck, this lead to more enjoyment as my skill increased. I managed to achieve flow quite easily because of my determination to net be beaten by the game combined with the genuine feeling of accomplishment I felt every time I managed to take down a titan.


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