Hand Drawn Textures.

Posted: May 20, 2014 in Self Initiated Project
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I started my research on hand drawn textures by watching some tutorials online, I decided to watch tutorials first to gain a better understanding of how they are produced. I was struggling to fined a good tutorial when Jamie pointed me towards these classes by Jamin Shoulet, an accomplished game designer with more than 15 years experience in the industry. I found these videos extremely useful, however, I looked into hand painted textures to late in the project to apply them. This is something I am considering using in my FMP next year, I will decide this after the summer which should be enough time to have practiced creating them and seeing how effective I can create them and if it is a viable option or still needs work.

Video 1 Notes:

There are three aspects to a texture:

– Base Colour

– Lighting

– Shadow

Label and group your layers for quick edits. If you are sick or have to pass on a project this also makes it easy for others to work with.

Keep using difference clouds on the same layer to add information.

Subtlety is important.

Definition is highlighted through lighting and shadow.

always keep highlights (Screen layers) on top of multiply layers.

Slowly build the texture up don’t rush or work in to harsh.

Save often.

Use simple gesturing.

Difference clouds filter is seamless.

A good Diffuse and make a normal unnecessary.

Look into Brandon Idol.

Multiply & Screen.

Neutral Gray = 128,128,128.

How to set dodge and burn for metal texture:

Dodge = high lights

Burn = mid tones



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