Multiplayer Map Layout.

Posted: May 20, 2014 in Self Initiated Project
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I decided to look into the flow of multiplayer maps because I wanted to make my scene a playable level so making sure it flows well is important. I found that there are several things that need to be considered when making a multiplayer map, those are:


Unlike a single player campaign were you would usually travel from A to B or the enemies are always located in the same spot there has to be a large variety of options for a player to move round. Consider stealth, direct and tactical routes to keep the game interesting for all players.

Map Flow:

Since a multiplayer map is an enclosed space flow is important the best map flow is usually made up of intersecting figures of eight to allow the player to keep moving round without feeling like the area is small or enclosed. having multiple routes also helps with map flow.

Focal Points:

These are important to help with objectives or lead people to fined weapons or items in a match.


This adds more interest to the map instead of it just been a flat plain allowing players to climb and hide, gaining advantages over other people as well as being more interesting to look at.


It is important to have cover all over the map to allow players to be strategic or just hide when they need healing. Cover also adds more strategy to combat.


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