Game Jam Plant Trap.

Posted: December 3, 2014 in FMP, Personal, Professional Practice
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I signed up to take part in the game jam that ran on 29th & 30th October 2014. This was a great experience as we split into groups and had to quickly generate ideas and carry them out in a one day time limit. The game idea we came up with was a maze game were you had to collect orbs to keep moving and if you failed to collect orbs in time you slowed down and eventually stopped moving, this would be a score based game with your score depending on how long you survived. I took the job of making some of the textures and assets for our game and rigging some of the enemies.

Toxic Barrel Render 1

Ant Render 1

Ant Render 2

Spider Render 1

Spider Render 2

I learn’t a lot about cat rigs from this and also was the first time I used bitmap2material3 which can generate all of the maps you want from just your diffuse and make them tillable. This saved a lot of time and is a piece of software I will be using a lot more in the future. Creating the paths for the enemies to walk down was extremely difficult because the routs were off by default and it was an extremely easy fix when you know what your doing (press P to toggle path on and off) however it was not made clear and took a lot of searching in forums to fined.

Paths off:

Game jam screen shot 5


Paths on:

Game jam screen shot 4

Game screens:

Game jam screen shot 1

Game jam screen shot 3

Game jam screen shot 2

Overall I am pleased with the final product we over came a lot of obstacles as a team (enemy pathing) and managed to implement many more mechanics than we originally aimed for.


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