Paragons Past Summer Showings.

Posted: December 3, 2014 in FMP, Professional Practice

Over the summer we continued to work on the Paragons Past project and develop it further while integrating it with the Oculus rift. I further developed my road asset making it larger and adding the second set of tram lines to the texture. I also came in on the 4th September to help with the instillation the the first job I did was buy a HDMI cable as the one we had with the oculous had gone missing, I also purchased some glasses wipes so we could clean the lenses of the Oculous making it nicer for everyone to use. Later in the day I helped carry the TV through the building and load it into the car as well as carrying other equipment across to the history center. I then helped set up the instillation, the first job was finding a good spot for out stand to go as we were sharing the space with the fashion group and needed to keep the TV out of the direct sun light to reduce glare. I attended the opening event that evening which was a good experience to see everyone’s reactions to the project and answer questions mainly associated to the technology, it was also the first event that I helped out at that used the Oculous this involved making sure that it was comfortably and securely fastened on the user as well as walking them through the space if they were not comfortable with using a controller themselves. I then manned the display all day on the 13th September with three others from our group.

Road Render




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