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Career Research.

Posted: June 6, 2015 in Professional Practice

As graduation is extremely close now I have started to look for jobs both in and outside the game industry but mainly revolving around 3D modeling or QA. I have all the skills that are required for most jr positions but looking at the standard positions I realized that I need to improve my traditional art skills. Mainly sketching more to give me a greater understanding of the composure of objects and improve how I annalise an image then brake it down. I also need to work with more sculpting software like Z Brush and Mudbox as my knowledge of these software’s is basic at best and they are requirements for most asset/ product design jobs. I have decided to explore jobs outside of games as well based on the experience I had over summer when I worked at an architects because this made me realize just how transferable my skills are. If I eventually do want to exclusively work on games I can build up my portfolio and experience while working in another 3D orientated job.