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Fruit & Veg.

Posted: May 17, 2014 in Client Related Practice
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I created a variety of fruit, veg and other food for the level to help populate the space and make it feel lived in.

Fruit and veg screen 13

Fruit and veg screen 12

Fruit and veg screen 11

Fruit and veg screen 10

Fruit and veg screen 9

Fruit and veg screen 8

Fruit and veg screen 7

Fruit and veg screen 6

Fruit and veg screen 5

Fruit and veg screen 4

Fruit and veg screen 3

Fruit and veg screen 2


The road seemed like a simple asset to make but the real challenge was going to be making it modular so all of the pieces fit together and the texture flows seamlessly between them. I started by creating two planes, the bottom one would be the paths and the top one would be the size of the road. Doing this allowed me to use the swift loop tool with the road plane acting as a guide line.

 Road Screenshot 6

I then extruded the paths a suitable height.

Road Screenshot 5

I then unwrapped the model and started to texture it checking that each piece could be repeated.

Road Screenshot 11

Once I was happy with the road I then added the tram lines in.

Road Screenshot 10

After putting the road piece into the engine I realized the size needed adjusting and the tramlines were to far apart.

Road Screenshot 7

With this section finished I could the make variations using the measurements and layout of this piece as the base.

Road Screenshot 4

I then started to make a three way road piece as it was an important section for some of the streets and the front of the station.

Road Screenshot 3

Road Screenshot 2

Road Screenshot 1

Once I was happy with the road Piece I decided to do alternate textures for the road because not every road had tram lines in them.

Road Screenshot 8

Road Screenshot 9

I edited two versions of the fly through one was in full colour the other was in black and white with a grainy image filtered over to make it look like an old film. The only edits I made to the raw footage (found here) were cutting down the long pauses using the razor tool and I made the logo fade out at the beginning and fade in at the end.

Fly through screen 1

Once I was happy with the video I did several renders messing around with the settings to try and get the best quality I could.

Fly through screen 2

My Logo Design.

Posted: May 17, 2014 in Client Related Practice
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We have been brain storming logo ideas for the group project and I noticed they were all very big and flashy. While this is defiantly eye catching I didn’t feel they would work on business cards so I looked at other logos that stand out in my mind as well as what films and games I had on my shelf, about 90% of them were just text with an artistic font or a symbol replacing a letter so I decided to give it a go and came up with this idea.

Paragons past logo copy

To help us generate ideas of how to set out the space I looked into display stands used at conventions and shopping centers to advertise or sell products then made mood boards of all the images.

Display stand moodboard 1

Display stand moodboard 2

Display stand moodboard 3

Display stand moodboard 4

Setting up.

Posted: May 17, 2014 in Client Related Practice

To prepare for the instillation in prospect center me Scott and Ryan set up the display stand to see how it would all look and tested the TV to make sure it could play the file type our video was in. This is when we came across a problem the remote that was with the TV did not work with it, we tried changing the batteries but that didn’t work but we noticed that it was the same make as the other TV’s we had in the studio. Thankfully the remote for the other TV;s worked with the one we were taking with us for the display and it played the fly through fine so we made sure to let everyone know we needed .mp4 files to be safe.



In the morning e had some complications with the transportation of the TV and ended up running an hour behind what we had planned. When the TV was there however we all worked fast to get the space set up and ran back and forth between the college printing more flyers, posters and images to decorate the space and provide more information to passers by.





Over all I think that the set up turned out great and we had very few complications besides the delivery and need of an extension cord.

I looked back at some of my models and considered them from the perspectives of others.

Station FenceDifferent perspectives

Tram Lines Different perspectives