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I recently purchased the book Heroes & Heroines, I thought it would be a good starting point for research because it is filled with different artwork of both anime and Games showing lots of different poses to reference and lists the artist for each work. This will allow me to fined more artists who’s work I’m interested in and research more into their carers. Hear are a few that I already found and want to research for various reasons:

Soejima Shigenori – Art Director for: Catherine, Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4, persona 4 arena, persona 4 the Golden and Persona 4 the animation. These are some of my favorite games so I’m interested to see what other works he has done.


Nishimura Kinu – Art Director for: Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors. I love the way the characters are coloured and would like to see more of this style.


Miwa Shirow – Art Director for: 7th Dragon 2020. Again the characters stood out to me immediately because of how the colours giving a very crisp look.


Komatsuzaki Rui – Art Director for: Dangan Ronpa. The art style of the characters stand out to me because of how soft the colours look.


Yasuda Scuzuhito – Art Director for: Devil Survivor Overclock and Devil Survivor 2. I was drawn in by the crispness of the characters and how line light they are.


There are many more in the book but these five are the ones I want to look into first.


I took the test design I made when I followed the Stroke FX tutorial and modified it using the techniques I learned by watching text blur titles tutorial (found here).

I then put the video into Adobe Premier and added a ticking sound effect:

Video Work.

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I used Adobe Premier to edit together my film footage, the film was meant to be a sort of myth busters parody only trying things from video games:

Premire screen 1

I then decided to cut the film down because only the first section of the film seamed to set its self up properly and used footage from the other sections to create a next time real.

Premire screen 2

I followed the Stroke FX tutorial on video copilot (which can be found here.) here are my results:

after effects screen 1

after effects screen 2

after effects screen 3

after effects screen 4

after effects screen 5

after effects screen 6

after effects screen 7

after effects screen 8

after effects screen 9

after effects screen 10

after effects screen 11

After watching some modeling tutorials on YouTube on how to Plane Model 3Ds Max:

I then decided to try the first tutorial were you use the cut tool to cut round the image on the plain and add all the polys in your self. I thought doing this one first it would give me a better idea of what shape the polys should be in areas like the eyes, mouth, nose etc. before I attempt the second tutorial I watched. Here is my attempt:

kid test screen 1

kid test screen 2

kid test screen 3

kid test screen 4

kid test screen 5

kid test screen 6

kid test screen 7

I thought that the ball did not fit the back of the face properly so I decided to go back and edit the edges of the face.

kid test screen 8

I recently purchased the sound disc and art book for the game Catherine by ATLUS.


I was just expecting it to have some artwork and the CD but I was pleasantly surprised to fined it had a section written by the art director Shigenori Soejima which takes you step by step through the creation process of the front cover image. Reading this made me realize that I should do all of my initial idea sketches as small thumb nails and do rough indications of detail, instead of spending time doing quick full sized sketches and trying to get all of the detail in that idea from the start. this way I can work up the small thumb nails I like using Photoshop and it will give me more time to produce a larger verity of ideas to chose from.

Another article I found interesting was by the games composer Shoji Meguro, he talked about why he picked to remix classical music for the soundtrack instead of composing it all himself. He felt that it would be unexpected which fitted in perfectly with the theme of the game but the songs could not be too famous because it might attract too much focus as well as it had to not be to obscure that people would not mistake it for a new song. He aimed for songs that would sound familiar to the player as to not distract them too much from the game and compliment the atmosphere. This is interesting and something that I did not consider, I’m now thinking of looking at some classical songs for my RPG demo to achieve this affect of familiarity.

I made a low poly sky dish for the street, the biggest problem with this was shaping the sphere to the right shape.

 Sky dish screen 1

Sky dish screen 2

Sky dish screen 3

Sky dish screen 4