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Posted: January 23, 2013 in Craft & Media Tec
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I am going to look at various logos in the entertainment industry and comment on what i find appealing and memorable about them or what doesn’t work in my opinion.

Double Fine:

Double Fine’s logo is very simple they have a two headed man that changes costumes depending on what game they make like in Brutal Legend the mascot is dressed as a rocker. The mascot reminds me of a side show at a circus because the cloths look like the ones the strong man is always shown wearing and if you visit there website it looks like a big top so this is a theme they have kept constant in the presentation of their company. I always found this logo memorable because of the various singers who sing the logo name in the later versions which is very good because I always remember the name of the company which is the point of a logo.


Funimations logo is very simple as it is mainly the name of the company displayed in bright colours that have stayed the same over the years even though the logo has changed over the years, keeping the same colour scheme keeps this helps keep the logo familiar even though its look has changed. As the logo evolved over the years they try and show all of the animation styles they cover from traditional drawing to digital colouring and effects. Like the Double Fine logo the thing that I think of most when I think of Funimation is their slogan they say in the later versions of the logo; “Funimation entertainment. You should be watching”.

Toei animation:

Toei animation’s logo is very simple as it is mainly the name of the company with a mascot above it. The thing that stands out most with this logo is the mascot. This is allows Toei  to just put the image of the mascot on their products and people know who it belongs to.

Siren Visual:

I liked this logo because of the way the character changes showing the diferent types of anime going from a plain character to a spikey haired character, to a robot, to a femail, to mech suit then jumps into the TV showing that you can fined all of these things on you’r TV.

 Studio Ghibli:


 Studio Ghibli’s logo is most reconisable for their mascot character like Toei animation. in this case they picked one of their most marketable charecters from one of their erlier films.


 I have no problem remembering the logo but who the logo is for which is a problem with the design. I would have made the MGM text more prominent because your focus is drawn too much to the lion. I would have had the logo just been the letters MGM with the lion inside the G.


Here are the Screenshots of the final version of the Little Red Level:







To fulfil the brief we first got into groups and brainstormed ideas of books to base a game on, we came up with several fairy tale story’s like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood, but in the end we decided to go with the Little Red Riding Hood survival concept we came up with. We then expanded on the idea and decided to set it in London around the time of the Jack the ripper killings. We then researched maps of London and old architecture as well as some of the information on the ripper killings.

With all the information gathered we then plotted a route on one of the maps this would be our level. We then drew a map with rough scale measurements on how long the streets should be and how wide the alleyways were. I then took this map drawing and worked together with Ryan to make a copy in Google Sketchup, we also added the points were you could hide, couldn’t access, tutorial points etc. with colours and added a key so we wouldn’t forget and the rest of the group could understand easily.

With the basic layout made everyone in the group made their own houses to put in the level, this was there would be more variation and make it look more visually pleasing then a level populated with just one or two buildings. I was very pleased with my building design and used custom textures. I also make the sides as septate panels this way my house could be put next to another one without bits sticking out the side and if it was at the end of a street you could just slide a panel onto the building. I also made street lights, lanterns, fruit stand and a wagon these were to be used to add more detail to the streets and the fruit stand and wagon were going to be used as roadblocks in some areas stopping the players progression.

We then started to place all of the houses on the map, we each took this in turns before we broke off for Christmas. For the holidays we each were given one section of the map to do and I was given the job of positioning the houses in the upper centre area, the lampposts and creating the roadblocks (as mentioned earlier). We all then met up before the hand in and combined all our separate files to create the final result.

Overall I am happy with the final outcome; I also think our teamwork was good because everyone finished their tasks and communicated with each other sharing thoughts and opinions as well as help if something wasn’t going right. But if we had more time I would have liked to add more custom textures and have a wider verity of houses. I also think the wagon could have been made better if I spent more time on it or used the warehouse to get existing models and combined pieces to make something new that looked like it fit in the time period.

Road Blocks.

Posted: January 8, 2013 in Craft & Media Tec
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My second job on the Little Red level design was to make some roadblocks to block some of the roads to stop the player taking that route. I decided to make a cart and a fruit stand as they seemed to fit the time period.

Road Block 1

Road Block 2

Road Block 3

Road Block 4

Road Block 5

Road Block 6

Road Block 7

I then added the road blocks into the house pallet to be easily placed in the level.

Road Block 8

I decided to take the map I made in Sketchup and make it into an RPG world map and then make a game for it using RPG Maker VX Ace. Here is the progress I have so far:

Original model:

level concept view 1

RPG Maps:

RPG Maker Screen1

RPG Maker Screen2

RPG Maker Screen3

RPG Maker Screen4

RPG Maker Screen5

These are some ideas I had of starting points for creating games which I hope to be able to use in the future.

  1. Set in the future?A world where oxygen is running thin and most of the planet is dying. Corporations monopolise oxygen and use it to have power.
  2. Daemons that feed on the evil in people they cultivate.Responsible for horrific events in the world.

    Play as spirit detective or hunter, hunting them down or as a daemon causing chaos and feeding.

    Race of daemons called “The Sai” and come in many forms The lowest being a parasite that is invisible to normal people slowly feeding on the bad deeds and influencing like a small voice till it fully corrupts the host and assimilates taking over its form.

    Another form of the Sai is one that keeps to the shadows and influences through dreams, keeps a connection to the target through an item they keep with them all the time e.g. phone, wedding ring etc.

    Another is a shape shifter who influences the host through little pushes and encouragements helping helping them reach their peak of evil.

    Predator Sai hunt the weak of their kind and devour them and their host at the same time usually biding their time till the host reaches its peak so they can get a greater meal. They evolve faster then most Sai and grow more rapidly the more they consume.

  3. A master thief who lets himself be captured to kill a man in the most secure prison in the world. Getting in and killing him is easy getting out is the hard part.Keeps his sword in his stomach and regurgitates when needed pulling it out of his throat putting his hand in his mouth.

    Ability can be used to store other weapons and items.

  4. Necromanced creatures that can only sustain physical form in the living world by absorbing life energy from humans.
  5. A game that asks the player a number of questions to know what his/her fears are and what there likes and desires are. The game play will be navigating a maze that is randomly generated every time were the player will run into his/her fears or desirers but some may change from one to the other to keep the player on their tows and make them paranoid about what to trust and if its worth the risk or not.

I took my basic flash mock up I did earlier and dropped the photos into it then added the new buttons. My first version can be found here Please click play flash full screen to get the full affect. In this version I had added video to the TV so when you clicked on it a trailer for Persona 4 the Animation would play (found here) but the video did not upload with the .swf file.

Video no upload

Video no upload2

Video no upload3

I tried embedding a YouTube video but it came up with an error in the feed and was forever buffering.

Video no upload4

Here is how the flash should have worked:

Here is the different version I made which plays a footstep sound every time you move to a new slide to represent you walking round the room (Please click play flash full screen to get the full affect).


To fulfil the brief I started by thinking of different things I could make a 10 slide presentation on that would be with in my skill level. I thought that a tour of my room would be a good theme because I have plenty of cupboards and shelves I could allow people to navigate through. I started by making a draft version were I drew a wall from my room really quickly in flash and got all of the navigation working. Once the code was working properly on my test version I took photos of my room and placed them over the appropriate slides adjusting the size to fit.

To make it a bit more interactive I added a video that played on the TV screen when you clicked on it. This all worked fine but after I uploaded the swf file online the video would no longer work this is because it was not added to the flash library something I didn’t know how to do with videos. So I recorded a video of how it should work for my blog and decided to add footsteps so when you click an arrow you can hear footsteps to simulate walking. I recorded the walking sounds with audacity and just placed my laptop on the floor and stamped my boots on the laminate flooring. Originally I wanted to have a public domain song play in the background but I couldn’t find anything that sounded suitable that was guaranteed to be copyright free.

Overall I am pleased with the way the tour of my room works but wish I had a better camera to get more clear images. I also would have preferred to have the video work in the uploaded version. After listening to the footsteps sound I realised it didn’t sound very natural, so if I was going to do it again I would walk more naturally while recording to try and get a better more natural sound.

The last is a board game I developed but I didn’t take any pictures of the final product so I will just be showing some of the development work and separate elements of the finished design:





Labyrinth 002

test colours


Cerberus development sheet 1

Gorgon development sheet 1

Harpy development sheet 1

Minotaur development sheet 1



tile print sheet 1

tile print sheet 2

tile print sheet 3

tile print sheet 4

Hero Character sheet design

character sheet Cerberus

character sheet Gorgon

character sheet Harpy

character sheet Minotaur

character sheet Satyr