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After watching some modeling tutorials on YouTube on how to Plane Model 3Ds Max:

I then decided to try the first tutorial were you use the cut tool to cut round the image on the plain and add all the polys in your self. I thought doing this one first it would give me a better idea of what shape the polys should be in areas like the eyes, mouth, nose etc. before I attempt the second tutorial I watched. Here is my attempt:

kid test screen 1

kid test screen 2

kid test screen 3

kid test screen 4

kid test screen 5

kid test screen 6

kid test screen 7

I thought that the ball did not fit the back of the face properly so I decided to go back and edit the edges of the face.

kid test screen 8


I decided to take the map I made in Sketchup and make it into an RPG world map and then make a game for it using RPG Maker VX Ace. Here is the progress I have so far:

Original model:

level concept view 1

RPG Maps:

RPG Maker Screen1

RPG Maker Screen2

RPG Maker Screen3

RPG Maker Screen4

RPG Maker Screen5

These are some ideas I had of starting points for creating games which I hope to be able to use in the future.

  1. Set in the future?A world where oxygen is running thin and most of the planet is dying. Corporations monopolise oxygen and use it to have power.
  2. Daemons that feed on the evil in people they cultivate.Responsible for horrific events in the world.

    Play as spirit detective or hunter, hunting them down or as a daemon causing chaos and feeding.

    Race of daemons called “The Sai” and come in many forms The lowest being a parasite that is invisible to normal people slowly feeding on the bad deeds and influencing like a small voice till it fully corrupts the host and assimilates taking over its form.

    Another form of the Sai is one that keeps to the shadows and influences through dreams, keeps a connection to the target through an item they keep with them all the time e.g. phone, wedding ring etc.

    Another is a shape shifter who influences the host through little pushes and encouragements helping helping them reach their peak of evil.

    Predator Sai hunt the weak of their kind and devour them and their host at the same time usually biding their time till the host reaches its peak so they can get a greater meal. They evolve faster then most Sai and grow more rapidly the more they consume.

  3. A master thief who lets himself be captured to kill a man in the most secure prison in the world. Getting in and killing him is easy getting out is the hard part.Keeps his sword in his stomach and regurgitates when needed pulling it out of his throat putting his hand in his mouth.

    Ability can be used to store other weapons and items.

  4. Necromanced creatures that can only sustain physical form in the living world by absorbing life energy from humans.
  5. A game that asks the player a number of questions to know what his/her fears are and what there likes and desires are. The game play will be navigating a maze that is randomly generated every time were the player will run into his/her fears or desirers but some may change from one to the other to keep the player on their tows and make them paranoid about what to trust and if its worth the risk or not.

The final result of my card game can be found here. Please note for some reason it has not uploaded correctly so things that should be hidden are visible (I tried uploading several times).


I decided to try and make a game based off the Final Fantasy trading card game not released in the west. This involved getting card images and importing a deck of my own, translating them and learning to play. I then spent time doing initial sketches and researched the layouts of existing card games looking for features or displays I could use in my own game.

My biggest challenge was trying to learn flash, but any card tutorials I found were irrelevant or incomplete which lead me to try and create a completely scripted battle. This is what lead me to create a tutorial but due to my lack of knowledge with flash things took a lot longer than they should have and I took the long way of doing things writing 500+ lines of code for most slides. This is why the tutorial is so short.

If I could do this all again I would make a background track for the level, create a better looking menu screen and spend less time translating cards as only a hand full were actually used due to my limitations in coding meaning I could not set up a random draw function like I had hopped. Overall I am pleased with the progress I made learning flash and over coming numerous problems but taking the flash as a product on its own it is far from what I imagined been little more than a 12 slide sideshow were the user has to choose the right options to progress. Though it does manage to demonstrate the type of game I was proposing to make, which is the purpose of the flash. In closing I hope to be able to improve my skills even further in my next flash based project.

This is the scale drawing of my controller design:

Controller Scale Drawing


To fulfil the brief I started by looking at existing kinds of controllers paying close attention to there layout and shape as well as the different types that are made for specific games (joy stick, arcade stick, steering wheel etc.). I then started to do quick sketches of ideas I had thought of while looking at existing products. I then picked one design and further developed it.

The design I chose was meant to be a cross between a wireless nunchuck (like the wii and Playstation move) and a joystick so the buttons are on top and you tilt the controllers forward, back, left and right to change the way you face or move, similar to the left and right analogue sticks.

I also thought of a stand that you can clip the controllers into to make them more like joysticks if people don’t like tilting things in the air and want to rest them on a desk. The controllers will be USB charged and wireless. They will be compatible with Playstation 3, Xbox 360, wii, PC and Mac.

I then looked at ergonomics which helped me get the optimal measurements to design the controller so it would fit comfortably in peoples hands but since I used the measurements of an average adult I will put the age rating of the controller to 6+ otherwise they may struggle to grip it enough to actually use the controller. The material I would use to produce this would be HDPE (the same stuff used to make the Playstation controllers).

Overall I am pleased with my design but notice it looks similar to a Playstation move controller without the ball on top.

The last is a board game I developed but I didn’t take any pictures of the final product so I will just be showing some of the development work and separate elements of the finished design:





Labyrinth 002

test colours


Cerberus development sheet 1

Gorgon development sheet 1

Harpy development sheet 1

Minotaur development sheet 1



tile print sheet 1

tile print sheet 2

tile print sheet 3

tile print sheet 4

Hero Character sheet design

character sheet Cerberus

character sheet Gorgon

character sheet Harpy

character sheet Minotaur

character sheet Satyr

After going through my ergonomics sheets I decided I would post some of my favorite work from college that relates to games design.

The first is a prop sword I made from wood and old pram parts which could fold away and be detached:







I also did a Photoshopped image of my sword in the hands of Zidane the Final Fantasy character who’s weapon inspired this design:

zidane holding propv2

prop project portfolio sheet

Next is a gun and character design I created to for fill the previously mentioned ergonomics project:


back story visual

pose 1