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After watching some modeling tutorials on YouTube on how to Plane Model 3Ds Max:

I then decided to try the first tutorial were you use the cut tool to cut round the image on the plain and add all the polys in your self. I thought doing this one first it would give me a better idea of what shape the polys should be in areas like the eyes, mouth, nose etc. before I attempt the second tutorial I watched. Here is my attempt:

kid test screen 1

kid test screen 2

kid test screen 3

kid test screen 4

kid test screen 5

kid test screen 6

kid test screen 7

I thought that the ball did not fit the back of the face properly so I decided to go back and edit the edges of the face.

kid test screen 8


I made a low poly sky dish for the street, the biggest problem with this was shaping the sphere to the right shape.

 Sky dish screen 1

Sky dish screen 2

Sky dish screen 3

Sky dish screen 4

This is the asset I agreed to do for the group when we had our discussion at the beginning of the project.

sign untextired 1



I kept it generic for my shop but I will give people the texture file so they can add whatever sign or wood texture they would prefer.

sign textired 1

sign textired 2


As I said in a previous post I think that this would make great cover in a game so I decided to make one as an asset for our street.


advertising boardUV

advertising boardUV2

I just picked this colour scheme and posters (Iron Man 3 and River Island) as one example I will discuss it later with the group on which posters to use and what colour it should be.

signboard textured side 1

signboard textured side 2

I then did a second UV map with different adverts on so we had more of a verity to choose from.

advertising boardUVMoreAds

advertising board v2

advertising board v3

I tried importing the model I made in Sketchup over to 3Ds Max to try and work it up but when it transferred it added a lot of UN-necessary polygons so I decided to just use it as a reference and start over.

development screen 1

I was then walked through the best way to reproduce the bay window of my shop.

development screen 2

I then started to measure a base cube to work from but realized that the scale in 3Ds Max and what is used in UDK is different.

development screen 3

To help with this I got rid of the Sketchup model and found a 3Sd Max model of the UDK man to use as a scale reference.

development screen 4

After making a new cube that was a good proportion to the UDK man I then detached the front of my building to add detail this allowed me to use the loop tool and not add unnecessary polys to the sides and back of the building.

development screen 5

I then attached the front of the house to the back and made a gutter and drain pipe which was also attached to the front.

development screen 6

To help me see which area I had selected in the UV map window I was suggested to add a checkered texture. this allowed me to see which areas were lined up correctly by the way the pattern lines up on the model.

the street screen shot 1

I then grouped the UV sections into groups like windows, drain pipe, door etc.

the street screen shot 2

While doing this I noticed a few polygons that were not needed like the base of the door and the caped poly at the bottom of the drain pipe. I will have to be more thorough in looking for access polygons when I start more advanced projects.

commic shop UV map

This was my first attempt at the UV map but when it came to putting poster images in the window I realized that the windows could be moved and made bigger allowing for a higher quality image.

commic shop UV map2

This was a much better layout and allowed me to keep the quality of my images.

commic shop UV mapno light map

This is the basic map with all the textures in place.

commic shop UV map copy

I then used 3Ds max to create a light map for my model and add more detail to my texture.

commic bump test copy

I also made a bump map for my model but found out that you cannot use these in UDK but its still nice to have when looking at the model in 3Ds Max.

commic shop screenshot front

The posters I used are from; One Piece Movie Z, Soul Eater, Gurren Lagann, Death Note and Dragon Ball Z Movie: Battle of the Gods. I am happy with the end result but if I was to do it again I would try and find some better doors and maybe make a few more signs for the shop window like opening times etc.

I had a go at quickly making a 3D model of my shop for the street using Sketchup, I only made the basic shape and will add the main detail using 3ds Max:

House mock up 1

House mock up 2

House mock up 3

After I left it for a while and looked at it again I realized I had missed out some features that would be useful to have blocked in like a chimney and the small windows under the sign:

House mock up 4

I also decided to make a copy of the shop and remove the support at the right hand side of the sign block and make it a little shorter on the side:

House mock up 5

At the moment I prefer the version without the sign but decided to wait and ask other peoples opinions before I take it to the next stage.

I had a few comments while making my Dragon radar saying it looked like a pocket watch. So I thought I would have a go at converting the model to one:

Pocket watch 1

Pocket watch 2

Pocket watch 3

Pocket watch 4

Pocket watch 5

This was my first attempt at a pocket watch but if I get time I think it would be fun if I had a go at converting it to the pocket watch from Fullmetal Alchemist for a side project after the deadlines for my work are over.