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I decided to take the map I made in Sketchup and make it into an RPG world map and then make a game for it using RPG Maker VX Ace. Here is the progress I have so far:

Original model:

level concept view 1

RPG Maps:

RPG Maker Screen1

RPG Maker Screen2

RPG Maker Screen3

RPG Maker Screen4

RPG Maker Screen5


This is the scale drawing of my controller design:

Controller Scale Drawing


To fulfil the brief I started by looking at existing kinds of controllers paying close attention to there layout and shape as well as the different types that are made for specific games (joy stick, arcade stick, steering wheel etc.). I then started to do quick sketches of ideas I had thought of while looking at existing products. I then picked one design and further developed it.

The design I chose was meant to be a cross between a wireless nunchuck (like the wii and Playstation move) and a joystick so the buttons are on top and you tilt the controllers forward, back, left and right to change the way you face or move, similar to the left and right analogue sticks.

I also thought of a stand that you can clip the controllers into to make them more like joysticks if people don’t like tilting things in the air and want to rest them on a desk. The controllers will be USB charged and wireless. They will be compatible with Playstation 3, Xbox 360, wii, PC and Mac.

I then looked at ergonomics which helped me get the optimal measurements to design the controller so it would fit comfortably in peoples hands but since I used the measurements of an average adult I will put the age rating of the controller to 6+ otherwise they may struggle to grip it enough to actually use the controller. The material I would use to produce this would be HDPE (the same stuff used to make the Playstation controllers).

Overall I am pleased with my design but notice it looks similar to a Playstation move controller without the ball on top.

I took my basic flash mock up I did earlier and dropped the photos into it then added the new buttons. My first version can be found here Please click play flash full screen to get the full affect. In this version I had added video to the TV so when you clicked on it a trailer for Persona 4 the Animation would play (found here) but the video did not upload with the .swf file.

Video no upload

Video no upload2

Video no upload3

I tried embedding a YouTube video but it came up with an error in the feed and was forever buffering.

Video no upload4

Here is how the flash should have worked:

Here is the different version I made which plays a footstep sound every time you move to a new slide to represent you walking round the room (Please click play flash full screen to get the full affect).


To fulfil the brief I started by thinking of different things I could make a 10 slide presentation on that would be with in my skill level. I thought that a tour of my room would be a good theme because I have plenty of cupboards and shelves I could allow people to navigate through. I started by making a draft version were I drew a wall from my room really quickly in flash and got all of the navigation working. Once the code was working properly on my test version I took photos of my room and placed them over the appropriate slides adjusting the size to fit.

To make it a bit more interactive I added a video that played on the TV screen when you clicked on it. This all worked fine but after I uploaded the swf file online the video would no longer work this is because it was not added to the flash library something I didn’t know how to do with videos. So I recorded a video of how it should work for my blog and decided to add footsteps so when you click an arrow you can hear footsteps to simulate walking. I recorded the walking sounds with audacity and just placed my laptop on the floor and stamped my boots on the laminate flooring. Originally I wanted to have a public domain song play in the background but I couldn’t find anything that sounded suitable that was guaranteed to be copyright free.

Overall I am pleased with the way the tour of my room works but wish I had a better camera to get more clear images. I also would have preferred to have the video work in the uploaded version. After listening to the footsteps sound I realised it didn’t sound very natural, so if I was going to do it again I would walk more naturally while recording to try and get a better more natural sound.

The last is a board game I developed but I didn’t take any pictures of the final product so I will just be showing some of the development work and separate elements of the finished design:





Labyrinth 002

test colours


Cerberus development sheet 1

Gorgon development sheet 1

Harpy development sheet 1

Minotaur development sheet 1



tile print sheet 1

tile print sheet 2

tile print sheet 3

tile print sheet 4

Hero Character sheet design

character sheet Cerberus

character sheet Gorgon

character sheet Harpy

character sheet Minotaur

character sheet Satyr

After going through my ergonomics sheets I decided I would post some of my favorite work from college that relates to games design.

The first is a prop sword I made from wood and old pram parts which could fold away and be detached:







I also did a Photoshopped image of my sword in the hands of Zidane the Final Fantasy character who’s weapon inspired this design:

zidane holding propv2

prop project portfolio sheet

Next is a gun and character design I created to for fill the previously mentioned ergonomics project:


back story visual

pose 1

To research ergonomics I looked at my past research I did in my 3D design course when I created a gun because a lot of the information I gathered was about handles and grips which is all relevant to a hand held controller.


This table gives some very useful information about the best size a cylinder shaped object should be for a comfortable grip. I also measured around the handle of my PS3 controller ( 4.6 inch circumference to pointed to get a diameter) and my PlayStation move controller (4.6 inch circumference 2 inch diameter). With these measurements I know to design my controller to have a circumference of around 4.6 inches and a diameter of  1.6 – 2.1 inches.

These are the sheets of past research I looked at:


Ergonomic case studies

I did a bigger more detailed sketch of the controller design.


I also came up with the idea for a stand that would sit comfortably on your leg or a table which the controllers could clip into making them more like joy sticks for the movement instead of tilting it in mid air.

I then tried to edit the design in Photoshop and put a plastic texture onto the image:

Photoshoped controller 1

Photoshoped controller 2

This didn’t turn out like I hoped so I decided to make a 3D model in Sketchup:

Conroller Design 1

Conroller Design 2

Conroller Design 3

Conroller Design 4

The hole in the center is were the stand clips. It will be a rounded hole and a ball joint so the movement is not obscured in anyway.

Conroller Design 5

I think that the 3D model presents the idea much better. Next I’m going to look at ergonomics and work out a good scale for my controllers before drawing up a scale design.