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Manic Moles was created by myself, Phillip Maclennan, Jason Pook & Shane Pengelly for the 2015 Hsad game jam. The objective of the game jam was to create a game for mobile with one mechanic, one character and one environment. We spent the first few hours planning what game we should make and if it was possible in the time we had in the end we went with the idea that would become Manic moles. My role in development was asset creation I was given the task of creating a snake  this was an easy task becasue we decided to go with a flat colour style so texturing was a quick and simple process so I had some fun and created a pipe and fez to make the snake more of a character. Everyone decided to add fun little details like this to their characters so it became part of the games style.

I also created the grass, rocks and signs. The text on the signs was hand painted by Phillip Maclennan scanned in and added to the texture in Photoshop. I then worked with Shane Pengelly to create a sound track for the game using software on the Macs this was only a five second loop however it does the job to make the game feel a bit more polished rather than it just been silence. My last job on the game was creating the start, game over and high score screens for the game. I did this using 3Ds Max and a three point light rig set up.

Overall I am pleased with the game and think that with a little more time we could perfect it and put it on a mobile store. The game jam itself was well paced because we had done the planning right and evaluated out skills to the time we had available we were able to meet our goal and do much extra then we expected.Final_Logo

Screen Shot 1

Screen Shot 2




I took part in a poster challenge at the university to create a rocket the only specifications for the design was that it looked friendly and was soaring into the sky. I started by sketching some rough ideas down.Scan 1

I then worked in 3Ds Max and made several different rocket designs some with more variation then others.

Rocket screen 4

Rocket screen 3

In the end I liked the shape of the last design and started to add colour and work up the shape.

Rocket screen 2

Rocket screen 1

When I was happy with the detail and colouring I started experimenting with position and lighting.

Ship Render 4

Ship Render 3

Ship Render 1

Ship Render 2

Ship Render 6

Ship Render 7

Ship Render 5


Once I had my final render I took it into Photoshop and worked it up these are three of the different variations I came up with.

Rocket Poster 3

Rocket Poster 2

Rocket Poster 1

I enjoyed this challenge it gave me a chance to create something different from what I usually do and experiment with different rendering and Photoshop techniques.


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While looking at what assets were missing for the first public showing of the project I was given the task of quickly modeling shelves. I unwrapped them to Matthew Lane’s texture map for his saloon so that they matched the wood and don’t look out of place.




I made a spill decal that is clear but you can change the colour through material instances, these will be useful for blood splatters and spilled drinks.



Grave Stones.

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To start making grave stones I researched how they were done in the 1800’s and discovered that they covered there graves in rocks to stop animals from digging up the bodies, this is an important fact that would have been over looked while placing the graves without this research.

Tombstone research

The gravestones were done very early on in the project they just were not textured waiting for the text to be painted so it could be added to the albedo, however recently we decided it was much more efficient to add text via decals, so I added a base wood texture so they don’t stand out as much as pail blocks.



One of the unwraps needed to be adjusted to remove a large seam running around the top of the grave stone.



The problem with them now is they look to new and need some sort of weathering adding to them but they are much better with a wood texture then several shades of colours.



While looking at the assets we had we noticed there was a lack of mining equipment for something that was suppose to be a mining town so I decided to make a dousing rod because they are still used to this day by energy companies to fined underground shafts or water deposits.  Though dowsing rods cannot be proven to work by modern science they still have some success, they method of use is having two sticks that are bent like an L and holding them out straight. If the sticks cross over by themselves your suppose to dig, basically X marks the spot. The use of dowsing rods would seem useful to the town outside of mining to and finding shafts by helping to find sources of drinking water.



I chose a pick axe for much simpler reasons they are the iconic mining tool and would be odd to not have any in a mining town. while creating both models I used the same textures for both just colourised the albedo to suit the different types of metal. This saved both time and optimized the assets.




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For the contents of the book I decided to go with old alchemy sketches. I chose these because of alchemy’s relations ship with science and the fact that the images are so old they are public domain. Using old images like these also made them relevant to the client project been able to exist in that time period and become assets that can cross between projects.