Health Bars.

Posted: May 25, 2015 in FMP

I remember watching a video on fighting game interfaces in the first year and re visited it.

after watching the video again I started working on my health bad designed trying to make it visually obvious when the players health falls below 25%. This is important so the player only needs to glance at the health bar to know how well they are doing, this allows more focus to be put on playing the game. I hope to refine these designs and have a finished GUI design that also includes the timer, energy bar and round points for the degree show showing of my project.

Scan 43


Manic Moles was created by myself, Phillip Maclennan, Jason Pook & Shane Pengelly for the 2015 Hsad game jam. The objective of the game jam was to create a game for mobile with one mechanic, one character and one environment. We spent the first few hours planning what game we should make and if it was possible in the time we had in the end we went with the idea that would become Manic moles. My role in development was asset creation I was given the task of creating a snake  this was an easy task becasue we decided to go with a flat colour style so texturing was a quick and simple process so I had some fun and created a pipe and fez to make the snake more of a character. Everyone decided to add fun little details like this to their characters so it became part of the games style.

I also created the grass, rocks and signs. The text on the signs was hand painted by Phillip Maclennan scanned in and added to the texture in Photoshop. I then worked with Shane Pengelly to create a sound track for the game using software on the Macs this was only a five second loop however it does the job to make the game feel a bit more polished rather than it just been silence. My last job on the game was creating the start, game over and high score screens for the game. I did this using 3Ds Max and a three point light rig set up.

Overall I am pleased with the game and think that with a little more time we could perfect it and put it on a mobile store. The game jam itself was well paced because we had done the planning right and evaluated out skills to the time we had available we were able to meet our goal and do much extra then we expected.Final_Logo

Screen Shot 1

Screen Shot 2



Large Test Tube.

Posted: May 12, 2015 in FMP

While thinking about what to have to make the lab feel more like a mad science lab I instantly thought of the healing pods from Dragon Ball Z and the bacta tank from Star Wars and have something like that running tests on flesh, organs or limbs.



Scan 40

I started by making the basic shape I liked the idea of having it like a giant tube that’s open at the top with pipes hanging in from the ceiling.

Large Test Tube Screen 5

Large Test Tube Screen 4

For the monitoring equipment I thought of a more steam powered design having lots of valves and steam chimneys. I then went of to add a keyboard and valves.

Large Test Tube Screen 3

Large Test Tube Screen 2


I then made a low poly version which I decided not to use and just cleaned up the original.

Large Test Tube Screen 1


I am happy with how it turned out but I still have lots to do the texture intensity needs to be toned down, mainly the normal map and AO, and the glass needs to be slightly transparent and have something floating inside ideally I am considering an arm or a leg.


I took part in a poster challenge at the university to create a rocket the only specifications for the design was that it looked friendly and was soaring into the sky. I started by sketching some rough ideas down.Scan 1

I then worked in 3Ds Max and made several different rocket designs some with more variation then others.

Rocket screen 4

Rocket screen 3

In the end I liked the shape of the last design and started to add colour and work up the shape.

Rocket screen 2

Rocket screen 1

When I was happy with the detail and colouring I started experimenting with position and lighting.

Ship Render 4

Ship Render 3

Ship Render 1

Ship Render 2

Ship Render 6

Ship Render 7

Ship Render 5


Once I had my final render I took it into Photoshop and worked it up these are three of the different variations I came up with.

Rocket Poster 3

Rocket Poster 2

Rocket Poster 1

I enjoyed this challenge it gave me a chance to create something different from what I usually do and experiment with different rendering and Photoshop techniques.

Floor Tiles.

Posted: May 11, 2015 in FMP

To make the floor times I used 3Ds max to generate a normal map this worked fine at the start but over time I wanted a better quality tile.

FMP screenshot 1

To do this I used bit map to material to generate all of the maps besides the albedo which was just a basic grid in Photoshop.

Floor Tile Maps





Posted: May 11, 2015 in Professional Practice

I started my logo design by thinking about what I wanted it to say and looked at existing designs. I wanted it to tie into games or 3D in some way so I started sketching ideas.



Scan 2

Once I was happy with the amount of logos I had designed I took my sheet to the graphics tutor to get his feed back and he offered to work up some of my designs for me and produced five logos.


I really liked logo one because of how organized and structured it felt with the hard edges. However after doing a survey of what other people thought of the designs and listening to the feedback I found it came across more like an architectural company and not a 3D asset or game designer. in the end I took the silhouette of the fourth design and developed it using block colours.

Logo 4 development

Logo 4 testLogo 4 test2Logo 4 test3Logo 4 test4

This design was nice and simple and could be easily used as a profile picture or icon and feels more like a character then the other logos which will help distinguish my brand and felt more relevant to games. I decided to go with this design, with the blue that was used in logo one I like the cold colour that feels soft, the only change I made was extending the text so that it was more in line with the edge of the box.

Logo 4 test2v2


I also created a variation saying 3D Asset Designer because that is the are I want to specialize in and feel it should be expressed in the logo.

Final Logo 3


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While looking at what assets were missing for the first public showing of the project I was given the task of quickly modeling shelves. I unwrapped them to Matthew Lane’s texture map for his saloon so that they matched the wood and don’t look out of place.