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To help me design my tool desk I started just like making any modle and looked at reffrence images similar to the design i thought of when I did my sketch.


I then started to make the basic shape that would be the base for everything ells to work around. I deciding to go for a high poly blockout instead of a more optimized design to get smoother edges for the renders.

Tool table scene screenshot 4

Next I created a desk draw I decided to have the top draw open to make it less flat and brake the surface up a bit, i hope this will cast more interesting shadows as well. I also made the bottom draw handle crooked like it has been broken to imply that it has been used a lot.

Tool table scene screenshot 3

Tool table scene screenshot 2

Tool table scene screenshot 1

After adding more objects to the desk I decided to make a small area for it to sit in starting with floor, walls, ceiling and lights. This would make the lighting a bit more natural and I hope this makes the renders pop and stand out more.

Tool Desk render 1

Tool table scene screenshot 7

I then started to clutter the area with objects to make it feel like a used space trying not to place them in a uniform fashion.

Tool Desk render 2

Tool Desk render 3

Tool table scene screenshot 5

Tool table scene screenshot 6

Tool table scene screenshot 8

Tool table scene screenshot 9

Tool Desk render 4

Tool Desk render 5

Tool Desk render 6

Overall I am pleased with the way the block out turned out and think it gets the idea across well, however I struggled to get the lighting to a standard I was pleased with which is why there are so many variations with different levels of exposure. This is something I will have to consider next time I do a small space most likely using a three point lighting system instead of trying to get the lighting to come from the spots were the lights are suppose to be.


After gathering a good amount of research images I decided to start making the tools making both a high and low poly model so I can bake the detail into normal maps.

Medical equipment screenshot 4


To keep organised I kept all of the models that needed baking on the right of the screen and every asset that was baked on the left.

Medical equipment screenshot 3

Medical equipment screenshot 2

Medical equipment screenshot 1


A comparison between the high and low poly models with the normal maps.

medical equipment render


after importing the saw into Marmoset Toolbag 2 for rendering I noticed how thin I had left the handle which needed changing straight away as it looks odd and is one of the only tools that has a more ergonomic handle design.





After laying out all the tools and the medical box I noticed there was some issues with the tips of some of the knives because the normal map was causing the lighting to go funny on the edge. the textures also feel a bit bland to me right now and need tweaking especially the ones that are missing the metal rivets that are in the handles and are normal mapped on but not textured. This will be an easy fix however as I can overlay the normal map and the texture map to make sure the rivets textures line up perfectly.

I started by using plane modeling to create the outline for each inset for the tools and when both were complete I re-sized each piece to make sure they were both the same size.

Medical equipment box screen shot 4

To optimize the model instead of having the box made all from one piece I decided to make a separate box and place the inset inside. This is similar to the way the box would have been made.

Medical equipment box screen shot 3

Medical equipment box screen shot 2

Medical equipment box screen shot 1

Box Render 1

After adding the texture I felt the red looked off it felt to flat. to fix this I play to overlay a felt texture in the texture map to add some roughness to the surface.

Box Render 2

To optimize the model further I decided to remove the bottom lining of the inset because of how messy the geometry is with the mixture of tris and quads. I replaced them with two plains I decided to use two plains to avoid edge clipping as this could be a problem with the plain slicing through the middle segment.

Medical equipment box screen shot 7

Medical equipment box screen shot 6

This reduced the poly count by almost 100 and leaving the total at 405 this is still a little excessive however I think it will be fine because it will be a none repeated asset so this seems like a reasonable size for the detail I have. If this was to be optimized to the extreme all of the insets would be textured onto a flat plain, however this would only look good when you look at it straight on from any other angle you would instantly see how flat it is.

Medical equipment box screen shot 5

With the model optimized further I adjusted the UV map and added the felt overlay I feel this has turned out well however I may need to re-size the box or the tools to make sure they fit correctly.

Box Render 3

Blood Bag.

Posted: January 13, 2015 in FMP
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Since I spent so much time sketching and haven’t had any experience using normal maps I decided to make a blood bag as the first 3D model for my fighting stage so I could get back into my work flow of modeling and practice normal mapping on something relatively simple. I started by creating a the shape of the blood bag (on the right) I then took the model and copied it and added a turbo smooth to make sure the shape was as smooth as possible (on the left).

Blood bag screen shot 3

With a high poly successfully created the next job was to make the original as low poly as possible without changing the overall shape to drastically. This allowed me to bake the smooth edges of the high poly onto the low poly as a normal map.

Blood bag screen shot 2

Render without normal map.

blood bag render no normal

Render with normal map – as you can see there is very little difference between the two besides the thickness of the outside band.

blood bag render normal

I then created a quick texture, the label can be swapped out easily so not every blood bag will be blood type AB.

blood bag render

variation is important as not all the blood bags would sit the same so I started distorting some of the edges to create some variation this is were the limitations of the low poly model start to show as it creates harsh diagonal lines in some areas, this is most noticeable looking at the label because the texture moves very sharply because of how few polys there are.

Blood bag screen shot 1

Overall I am happy with how the shape turned out however I want to go back and work on the texture as it is very bare bones and needs something to help make it pop and look like a bag of liquid. after putting them in the engine I noticed that the scale was slightly off and the bags were bigger then they should be so that is another minor issue to be resolved.

Resizing the stage.

Posted: January 12, 2015 in FMP
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After my initial layout of the stage was complete i noticed that all of the textures were extremely small compared to the player start so I placed a character model into the stage to see how small the stage was.

Stage sizing screenshot 1


This showed me how small my scale was and by using the default character model as a starting point I started the stage over making everything in proportion to the model. I started by taking my previous measurements of 32 character widths and lined up 32 of the default models and placed in the walls.

Stage sizing screenshot 2


Stage sizing screenshot 3

While I was placing things into the stage the space felt a bit cramped so I extended it slightly at either side as the stage needs to feel like an open space that seems natural and not cramped and if the distance between the players during fights gets to large or effects the game play then I could fix the problem by having assets in the way. This shortens the distance the players can move without effecting the size of the stage keeping it looking proportionate.

Lab v2 screenshot 4


I am pleased with how quickly the Alpha mapped plains allowed me to block out the space and this gives me a good idea of what the biggest features are so I know what to make first and update to a 3D model.

Lab v2 screenshot 3

I placed the blood bags into the stage to help populate the space however there position still needs to be finalized and there scale is slightly large. These are all problems I will address when i go back to the model to improve the texture.

Lab v2 screenshot 2

Lab v2 screenshot 1



Quick Textures.

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Self Initiated Project
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with the deadline for the project drawing near I wanted to have a final product that looked finished. So i decided to texture what I could and not included anything that wasn’t completed. I started by making sure the building was textured.

Textured House

I then moved onto finishing the texture for the wall but ended up running out of time when I got to the last piece and rushed it but distance the wall will be out of focus and far from the payer I don’t think it will be too noticeable.

wall textured screen 2

wall textured screen 1

Fruit & Veg.

Posted: May 17, 2014 in Client Related Practice
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I created a variety of fruit, veg and other food for the level to help populate the space and make it feel lived in.

Fruit and veg screen 13

Fruit and veg screen 12

Fruit and veg screen 11

Fruit and veg screen 10

Fruit and veg screen 9

Fruit and veg screen 8

Fruit and veg screen 7

Fruit and veg screen 6

Fruit and veg screen 5

Fruit and veg screen 4

Fruit and veg screen 3

Fruit and veg screen 2