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This is the asset I agreed to do for the group when we had our discussion at the beginning of the project.

sign untextired 1



I kept it generic for my shop but I will give people the texture file so they can add whatever sign or wood texture they would prefer.

sign textired 1

sign textired 2



As I said in a previous post I think that this would make great cover in a game so I decided to make one as an asset for our street.


advertising boardUV

advertising boardUV2

I just picked this colour scheme and posters (Iron Man 3 and River Island) as one example I will discuss it later with the group on which posters to use and what colour it should be.

signboard textured side 1

signboard textured side 2

I then did a second UV map with different adverts on so we had more of a verity to choose from.

advertising boardUVMoreAds

advertising board v2

advertising board v3