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I tried importing the model I made in Sketchup over to 3Ds Max to try and work it up but when it transferred it added a lot of UN-necessary polygons so I decided to just use it as a reference and start over.

development screen 1

I was then walked through the best way to reproduce the bay window of my shop.

development screen 2

I then started to measure a base cube to work from but realized that the scale in 3Ds Max and what is used in UDK is different.

development screen 3

To help with this I got rid of the Sketchup model and found a 3Sd Max model of the UDK man to use as a scale reference.

development screen 4

After making a new cube that was a good proportion to the UDK man I then detached the front of my building to add detail this allowed me to use the loop tool and not add unnecessary polys to the sides and back of the building.

development screen 5

I then attached the front of the house to the back and made a gutter and drain pipe which was also attached to the front.

development screen 6

To help me see which area I had selected in the UV map window I was suggested to add a checkered texture. this allowed me to see which areas were lined up correctly by the way the pattern lines up on the model.

the street screen shot 1

I then grouped the UV sections into groups like windows, drain pipe, door etc.

the street screen shot 2

While doing this I noticed a few polygons that were not needed like the base of the door and the caped poly at the bottom of the drain pipe. I will have to be more thorough in looking for access polygons when I start more advanced projects.

commic shop UV map

This was my first attempt at the UV map but when it came to putting poster images in the window I realized that the windows could be moved and made bigger allowing for a higher quality image.

commic shop UV map2

This was a much better layout and allowed me to keep the quality of my images.

commic shop UV mapno light map

This is the basic map with all the textures in place.

commic shop UV map copy

I then used 3Ds max to create a light map for my model and add more detail to my texture.

commic bump test copy

I also made a bump map for my model but found out that you cannot use these in UDK but its still nice to have when looking at the model in 3Ds Max.

commic shop screenshot front

The posters I used are from; One Piece Movie Z, Soul Eater, Gurren Lagann, Death Note and Dragon Ball Z Movie: Battle of the Gods. I am happy with the end result but if I was to do it again I would try and find some better doors and maybe make a few more signs for the shop window like opening times etc.


I walk down Holderness Road almost every day to go to university and notice all the shops closing down and new ones opening up and how all the shop fronts are all the same standard thing, you only really see the character of the building when you look up because the owners usually renovate the ground level of the building. This is because most people don’t look above eye level and if they do its usually just to read the shop sign.

Here are some examples of the architecture that you may not notice:

DSC_0049 DSC_0050 DSC_0051 DSC_0053

This house was converted into a doctors you wouldn’t notice by looking at it from the front unless you read the sign it has mainly had work to the back of the building adding a car park and disabled access.

TDSC_0057 DSC_0058 DSC_0066

This is probably the best preserved building down Holderness Road.

DSC_0073 DSC_0074 DSC_0075 DSC_0079


The plastic looking wood effect reminded me of architecture from the 70’s.

Up above isn’t the only place you may notice unique features, while walking back looking towards the ground I spotted a name of a company placed into the path from a shop which has not been in that spot for as long as I can remember. I sadly could not take a picture of the full thing but here is the beginning and the end of the company name:



Some of the buildings down Holderness Road are neglected like these:


DSC_0055 DSC_0056 DSC_0052


There are a few buildings being restored and some have had a full frontal change:


This building had the original windows taken out and the entire front replaced I think this has ruined the character of the building and it makes it stand out because of the dull plaster job that has been slapped on the front.


When the shop was bought by the new owner they wasted no time in re-doing the front of the building and are now improving the roof.

The demographic of people I saw while walking down Holderness road during the day was families or older people doing their shopping because of the wide verity of food shops from known brands to local fruit shops and butchers. At night the streets are almost empty apart from people getting out of taxis to go to the pub or an ATM. Their are also a few people walking into town probably to save money for a cheep night out.

I like the area around Mount Pleasant because it has an example of everything; new shops doing well, a run down hotel and an area which has been knocked down ready for new development:

DSC_0072 DSC_0070 DSC_0063 DSC_0061

Having a development area like this open up shows that there are still plans to expand and try to attract more people to shop in the area which is what I think will continue to happen into the future shops are closing less often and several new businesses are filling the gaps some of those fail as well but others are holding their own and buying bigger shops further up the road in a more busy section.

Thinking about locations in a game level point of view I liked these areas the best:


The land before Holderness house is full of trees that obscure the building, this could be a good setting for a murder mystery or a hideout.


The scaffolding leading to the flat roof of this building made me think of an assassins creed style of platforming to gain a vantage point.


This closed down old car showroom reminded me of a scene you might see in a horror movie with all the open space and the boarded up windows. It would be very easy to use this area to create suspense and dread.


I like the idea of having shops hidden away inder a bridge It could be an area were information could be obtained or a black market deal could go down.


This reminded me of a lab you would see in a bio horror series like resident evil I think its because of the white colour of the building because labs are always white and sterile.

After creating the basic layout for the map everyone in the group made there own houses to put in it to add more verity than if just one person made every house. these are the development shots of my victorian style house.
















I decided to make the side panels separate so the house could fit nicely next to any other house without them and can be added to either side if its on its own or at the end of a street.








I re-used the windows from the front of the house on the back of the house.



I then made another version of my house with the front side panels missing. The next step was adding textures and a roof.

Front View.


Back View.


Right Side View.


Left Side View.


Top View.

House top

I then made a pallet of my houses by making a grouped version of every combination possible: no side panels, both side panels, left side only, right side only, left side attached and right side attached. this will make it much easier to select the grouped version of the house you need to place on the map instead of spending time trying to line up the side panels when you need to attach them.

house pallet

Garage Design.

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Craft & Media Tec
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I was asked to create a garage with a car inside being worked on. I started by making a list of everything you would find in a garage.

Things you would find in a garage:

  • Tool box
  • Tools
  • Spanner
  • Oil can
  • Winches
  • Drills
  • Saws
  • Cloths
  • Pump
  • Calendar
  • Coffee Machine
  • Oil spill
  • Overalls
  • Coat hangers
  • Desk
  • Light
  • Stool
  • Paint
  • Spare parts
  • Spare tires
  • Door frames
  • Other vehicles been worked on
  • Clock
  • Shelves
  • Lockers
  • Raising Platform
  • Tyre rack
  • Computer
  • Filing cabinet
  • Torch
  • Mug

I then started sketching some ideas I was thinking along the lines of the local garage in a small town.

I then started to build a basic model using Google Sketchup.

To get a more accurate door size I measured the door to my bedroom and made the measurements slightly larger because I the doors to a garage should be wider than normal to fit tools and equipment through them easily.

I think I could benefit from doing more initial sketches and more experience in drawing and looking at existing designs before jumping into the modeling stage but doing so also has some advantages. It gives me a better seance of space and how to set out and visualize the area which I can then use to sketch new ideas for items and layouts. I also think it would be beneficial to know usual measurements for objects you come across all the time like chairs, doors, desks e.t.c this will help me quickly make things to scale and hopefully improve my spacial awareness.

I was showen how to produce concepts quickly using Photoshop by dropping a gradient down and creating random shapes and changing tones using the Curves Tool as well as other tools I have previously uses like Hue/saturation, Dodge and Burn as well as the Lasso Tool. This method requires a lot of imagination as you have to visualize objects, buildings and people from the random lines and shapes you create if you don’t have an idea your already trying to create.

Here are my results:

I think I would benefit more from this method if I improved my drawing and observational skills because even if I work into the shapes they don’t turn out quite how I’m visualizing like the towers in the example two I would have to spend a lot more time working them up then I would like to get a decent result so this is something I think I should work at to improve my speed and quality at designing quick concepts.