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2D Cat-rig.

Posted: December 24, 2013 in Aspects of Play
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I came across numerous problems while trying to add weight to each of the envelopes with the bones not being picked up at all at times so I was suggested to make the mesh 3D again. This seems to pick up the envelopes much easier so I can apply the correct values. I also came across bones that would not lose strength over sections they should not have influence over.

Car rig screens 7

To fix this I first had to add wight on those vertices to another bone that would be more appropriate before weight could be removed from the arm bone.

Car rig screens 6

I then sorted out the rest of the envelopes and moved the bones to see if I missed anything.

Car rig screens 12

Car rig screens 11

Car rig screens 10

Car rig screens 9

Car rig screens 8

I then added a default walk cycle onto my rig but one of the legs did not work with it properly and I could not figure out how to fix it so I ended up adding a new leg, this one worked correctly.

Car rig screens 5

Car rig screens 4

Car rig screens 3

I noticed that the sway of the arms and torso was swaying too much so I worked on calming that down.

Car rig screens 2

Car rig screens 1

I also tweaked the positions of the arms till I was happy with how they moved when the animation played. I am now going to focus on getting a basic stage working on Unity before I take this any further.


I started by making a simple block shaped human figure:

Car-rig attempt base

I then watched every episode in this step by step tutorial before going though it a second time and attempting it myself. This gave me a better understanding of what was coming next and what to expect.

Car-rig attempt 1I started by making my block man see through then zeroed out it’s X & Y coordinates and froze it in place so I could not accidentally move it. I then added the cat parent and zeroed out its X & Y coordinates so it lined up nicely with my model and added the pelvis and scaled it to fit my model.

Car-rig attempt 2

I then added the legs and worked my way up the body starting next with the spine, then hands and lastly head (my character block does not have a neck).

Car-rig attempt 3

Car-rig attempt 4

Car-rig attempt 5

It was then time to unfreeze my block model and add a skin to it but 3DS max continually has an error when I try and add a skin and crashes.

Car-rig attempt 6

Car-rig attempt 7

I think this is either because my block is several different blocks just attached together or because there are not enough points on my model for the skin to determine which areas will be moved by each bone. I am going to try both of these theory’s starting with the lack of points one because it is the fastest to test using the swift loop tool.

Car-rig second attempt 1

I tryed all of these and it still did not work but when i loaded it on a different computer it worked fine so there was something wrong with my 3DS max.