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Initial Character & Stage designs.

Posted: October 22, 2014 in FMP
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Over the summer I quickly sketched six character designs and have worked into them a bit over the past week. This allowed me to use the characters as themes for stage designs.








Quick stage thumb nails to quickly generate one stage per character:





Developed stage designs:







Taking these designs forward  I am going to do several colour schemes using Photoshop and extend the sides of each stage because they are mainly showing the center points in my concepts so far and need to extend out much more to be a full length fighting stage.



I decided the main characters special attack would be a supersonic punch that brakes the sound barrier. This is my sketch of the five steps to the animation of this move.


to make this work I would have to replicate the motion of each pose in my characters cat rig and set up a code for when the animation should be played and how the damage would work. I currently don’t feel confident in my skills with rigging or coding to perform this as I am still unable to export a walk cycle into Unity. These are all things I would need help with or more time to research.


We were given a task to think up and create a proposal for a game and try to then create a functioning segment. I handed in three proposals and my shortest was chosen, that being Cancelled?.

What is Cancelled?

A side scrolling action game about a manga character who’s series is about to get cut from weekly hop magazine.

Game starts in black and white but gets colour pages as he fights his way up the popularity pole rankings by bursting into other story’s. The 4th wall will be broken several times. Power ups gained after defeating a major boss.


Your goal will be to get from one side of the map to the other and defeat a boss to progress with plat forming elements making it more challenging and less run from A to B. Each ranking spot will count as a new stage.

This was my initial conception in my note book any my first sketches of my initial thoughts for the main character:


I then refined this idea a bit more:



I then focused on coming up with different ways of executing the game idea and came up with the following:

Cancelled? Solutions

  • Visual novel game in a comic layout. Could have a set amount of HP which allows for a certain number of incorrect choices.

 Idea for gameplay

  • Sprite based side scroller which has comic panel partitions you break through/ navigate like the game comic zone.


  • Sprite based game which starts with cuts scenes that play out like a comic and then zoom into a panel were the game is like a traditional side scroller which would give the illusion you are entering the world.
  • Use a 3D model and environment in UDK or Unity to make the side scroller but have the textures in the cell shaded style.
  • 2D sprites in a 3D environment in UDK or Unity.

I decided to go with the last two options I thought up and would rather make the game in Unity because of its ease and versatility in its export options, this will make user testing more simple. I then gathered images and made inspiration sheets to help me develop my character.

Character Research sheet 1

Character Research sheet 2

I then drew my character in three sections so that I can try and rig these with a walk cycle in 3DS max.



I recently purchased the book Heroes & Heroines, I thought it would be a good starting point for research because it is filled with different artwork of both anime and Games showing lots of different poses to reference and lists the artist for each work. This will allow me to fined more artists who’s work I’m interested in and research more into their carers. Hear are a few that I already found and want to research for various reasons:

Soejima Shigenori – Art Director for: Catherine, Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4, persona 4 arena, persona 4 the Golden and Persona 4 the animation. These are some of my favorite games so I’m interested to see what other works he has done.


Nishimura Kinu – Art Director for: Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors. I love the way the characters are coloured and would like to see more of this style.


Miwa Shirow – Art Director for: 7th Dragon 2020. Again the characters stood out to me immediately because of how the colours giving a very crisp look.


Komatsuzaki Rui – Art Director for: Dangan Ronpa. The art style of the characters stand out to me because of how soft the colours look.


Yasuda Scuzuhito – Art Director for: Devil Survivor Overclock and Devil Survivor 2. I was drawn in by the crispness of the characters and how line light they are.


There are many more in the book but these five are the ones I want to look into first.

I feel I should talk about why I gave such little back story to a lot of the main cast of the game, this is because I want to make them as likable as possible. If you have a main cast with strong set personality’s and traits with an expansive back story and a player does not buy into it or just plain hates the character/s this can be game braking. Some personal example of this is Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy X I hated Squall and the way he acted it felt like the polar opposite of what I would do in those situations making me feel isolated which made me route for the villeins most of the time, this put me of playing that game for years. Final Fantasy X was a similar story I hated Tidus he is one of the most annoying characters I have had to endure in a game and that not only put me off Final Fantasy X but its sequel because the goal was to bring him back and I just could not get behind it so I never finished it.

That is why I left the characters with very vague back story’s for the most part so the main character could act as a direct avatar for the player and the other characters would develop and reveal them selves to you through the story or how you interact with them. I think in some games it is more important to see development and have the character fleshed out through the game then to have a long history which you have to feed to the player through exposition. One thing I would love to do would be to add a system which would record how many times you show one of the other characters up in the dialog options and after a certain number of times they confront you about it to try and add more depth and realism to the characters as well as give the dialog and choices more weight.

Character Section.

Posted: March 23, 2013 in Game Design 2
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This is the character section from my design document:





The player will chose his first and last name.



Back story:


A normal high school student who has a few friends and a normal loving family with one younger brother. Nothing unique or out of the ordinary has happened to him in his lifetime.


Sid Grieves


Players best friend

Name: Sid Grieves



Back story:


A normal high school student who has been best friends with the main character since they were young. He is over optimistic, rash and comedic with an abundance of self confidence.



Sid is introduced early in the game but only takes a key role later on after he follows the player and the transferee student on one of their missions and gets involved unwillingly. I plan to make this character over optimistic and comedic which will counter balance the cold seriousness of the transferee student.


Jin Oblige


Transferee student

Name: Jin Oblige



Back story:


Jin witnessed the horrors of the Sai first hand through the deaths of his parents when he was still young. Taken in by Neuro and driven by revenge Jin hunts the Sai in hops that he will one day bring justice to the one that took his life away from him. Jin is a stubborn, arrogant, hothead on the outside but does have a caring side that he hides from others so he cant loose anyone else close to him.



This character will be in place to teach the Player character the basics of combat and eventually gets surpassed.

Having a clear goal of revenge allows for a strong character moment later on in the game as the character will change when he achieves his goal allowing a personality change or that he no longer has the will to fight for a while and makes a dramatic re-entry when the party is down.


Neuro Neko


Transferee students mentor

Name: Neuro Neko

Age: ???


Back story:


Neuro is a black cat who can talk. This is because he was a gifted psychic who could project himself into the minds of animals, but his human body would go into a state much like death. While on a mission he projected himself into the body of a cat to find key info. During which his body was discovered and rushed to the hospital where they attempted to resuscitate him and after a while performed an autopsy to see why he had died. By the time he found his body it would have been fatal to return his mind and he would have died.


He is not limited to his cat body and can go into any near by animal. Neuro found Jin when he was still young and saved him from meeting the same end as his parents. The two have been travelling together hunting the Sai ever since.



When the main character meets him for the first time he will not know he’s a cat till a few meetings into the game as he acts like the director of this team. He will hide this fact by sitting on the lap of a clothed manikin who’s face will be shrouded in shadow. Later on in the game when you recruit the nerdy girl to the party and bring her to your headquarters at the transferee students home she sees the cat and runs after it because she loves cats which leads to his secret being reviled.


Marietta Juiz (friends call her Marie)


Nerdy girl

Name: Marietta Juiz (friends call her Marie)



Back story:


When she was young her parents were killed and she lived with her grandfather who collected all kinds of books this is were she learned of the Sai and lead her to lead a double life where she hunts the Sai herself using the methods and research she found in the texts. She is a shy klutz during the day but while on her hunts she is deadly serious and gets lost in the moment.



Will be a shy klutz during the day but at night lead a double life where she hunts the Sai herself using the methods and research she found in old books. She will also be able to upgrade and synthesise new weapons for the party using alchemy and artefacts found in the dungeons formed by the Sai.

These are the designs for the five protagonists of the game I am developing:

Building on my uniform designs here are my initial sketches for Neuro the cat, characters expressions and the characters backs:


I ran out of time by this stage and needed to speed things up so I did not manage to develop the sketches for Neuro beyond this point but if i get chance later on I hope to strengthen the look of his character and have a more accurate depiction of a cats anatomy.


I struggled to draw Marie’s face the same several times so to speed things up I printed off a template so I could draw and position the face quickly and accurately.






I then strengthened the outlines of the sketches and brought everything together to create character pages (Note the text is from my design document I will be posting the character section in a different post).

Player summer

Player winter

sid Greaves summer

sid Greaves Winter

Jin summer

Jin winterMarie summer

Marie winter


I then went over my designs adding shading and correcting mistakes i didn’t notice the first time.

Player summer2

Player winter2

sid Greaves summer2

sid Greaves Winter2

Jin summer2

Jin winter2

Marie summer2

Marie winter2