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I dropped my sketches into Photoshop and worked them up the following are the rooms at 2 different stages in their completion.

coloured room

coloured roomv2

coloured hallway

coloured hallwayv2

Coloured downstairs

Coloured downstairsv2


With my storyboard complete and my prototype in development I started making the stills for my cut scene. I am only making the story board images up to the package arriving because I then plan to abruptly move the demo into a combat system if everything goes as planned.

I started by creating the dialog box.


Cut sceene images1

Cut sceene images2

Cut sceene images3

Cut sceene images4

Cut sceene images5

Cut sceene images6

Cut sceene images7

Cut sceene images8

Cut sceene images14

Cut sceene images10

Cut sceene images11

Cut sceene images12

Cut sceene images13

I plan to take these images and add the text so I can drop them quickly into flash and navigate to the next one using a simple button command.

Cut sceene images15

Cut sceene images16

Cut sceene images17

Cut sceene images18

Two different people are involved in this conversation but its hard to tell besides the tone of what their saying because both characters are not introduced yet. In the real game they would be voiced making it easier to differentiate the dialog.

Cut sceene images19

Cut sceene images20

Cut sceene images21

Cut sceene images22

Cut sceene images23

RPG Title Menu.

Posted: May 12, 2013 in Game Design 2
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I decided to keep the title menu screen simple because there are usually only three options; new game, load game and options. I decided to stick with these three for my menu and placed an optical illushion in the background to represent one of the portals a player would have to go through.

Start menu

I got the optical illusion Image from here. I  then modified the colour and darkness of the image.

I had several people comment that the black text was hard to read so I changed it to white to help it stand out. I initially though of this problem myself but thought slightly lightening the background would be enough to help the text stand out as a bolder black but these comments helped inform me that this was a bad design choice.

Start menuv2


I recently purchased the book Heroes & Heroines, I thought it would be a good starting point for research because it is filled with different artwork of both anime and Games showing lots of different poses to reference and lists the artist for each work. This will allow me to fined more artists who’s work I’m interested in and research more into their carers. Hear are a few that I already found and want to research for various reasons:

Soejima Shigenori – Art Director for: Catherine, Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4, persona 4 arena, persona 4 the Golden and Persona 4 the animation. These are some of my favorite games so I’m interested to see what other works he has done.


Nishimura Kinu – Art Director for: Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors. I love the way the characters are coloured and would like to see more of this style.


Miwa Shirow – Art Director for: 7th Dragon 2020. Again the characters stood out to me immediately because of how the colours giving a very crisp look.


Komatsuzaki Rui – Art Director for: Dangan Ronpa. The art style of the characters stand out to me because of how soft the colours look.


Yasuda Scuzuhito – Art Director for: Devil Survivor Overclock and Devil Survivor 2. I was drawn in by the crispness of the characters and how line light they are.


There are many more in the book but these five are the ones I want to look into first.

Main Antagonists.

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Game Design 2
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Here are the designs for the main antagonists in my RPG:





I spent to much time developing the protagonists so I had to got the antagonists done more quickly so I could got everything finished for the deadline. If I had another chance to do this I would have done them both at the same time and got all the feedback at the same time so I could have developed the antagonists further.

Jack the ripper character sheet

Doctor J character sheet

Possesed character sheet

Vlad character sheet

main villian character sheet

I then went over my designs adding shading and correcting mistakes i didn’t notice the first time.

Jack the ripper character sheet2

Possesed character sheet2

Doctor J character sheet2

Vlad character sheet2

main villian character sheet2

These are the designs for the five protagonists of the game I am developing:

Building on my uniform designs here are my initial sketches for Neuro the cat, characters expressions and the characters backs:


I ran out of time by this stage and needed to speed things up so I did not manage to develop the sketches for Neuro beyond this point but if i get chance later on I hope to strengthen the look of his character and have a more accurate depiction of a cats anatomy.


I struggled to draw Marie’s face the same several times so to speed things up I printed off a template so I could draw and position the face quickly and accurately.






I then strengthened the outlines of the sketches and brought everything together to create character pages (Note the text is from my design document I will be posting the character section in a different post).

Player summer

Player winter

sid Greaves summer

sid Greaves Winter

Jin summer

Jin winterMarie summer

Marie winter


I then went over my designs adding shading and correcting mistakes i didn’t notice the first time.

Player summer2

Player winter2

sid Greaves summer2

sid Greaves Winter2

Jin summer2

Jin winter2

Marie summer2

Marie winter2


Colour Theory.

Posted: March 16, 2013 in Design for the user
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To start thinking about colour theory I decided to think about what each colour from primary to tertiary conveys (there was some I couldn’t think or find anything for):

Primary Colours:

Red – Anger, Danger, Passion, Heat, Embarrassment

Yellow – Joy, Warmth

Blue – Fear, Cold, Freedom, Sadness

Secondary Colours:

Orange – Change/ Transition,

Green – Envy, Healthy, Life, Nature, Fertility, Prosperity

Purple – Intuition, Wealth

Tertiary Colours:

Vermilion – Power, Love

Chartreuse – ??? named after a French liquor

Indigo – Infinity, Sleep, Healing, Tranquillity

Violet – Serenity, Peace, Forgiveness, Luxury, Truth, Suppression, Inferiority

Aqua – Calm, Cool, Refreshing

Ochre – ???

I then found a research sheet I did while I was in college on colour theory:

Colour Theory