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We were given a task to think up and create a proposal for a game and try to then create a functioning segment. I handed in three proposals and my shortest was chosen, that being Cancelled?.

What is Cancelled?

A side scrolling action game about a manga character who’s series is about to get cut from weekly hop magazine.

Game starts in black and white but gets colour pages as he fights his way up the popularity pole rankings by bursting into other story’s. The 4th wall will be broken several times. Power ups gained after defeating a major boss.


Your goal will be to get from one side of the map to the other and defeat a boss to progress with plat forming elements making it more challenging and less run from A to B. Each ranking spot will count as a new stage.

This was my initial conception in my note book any my first sketches of my initial thoughts for the main character:


I then refined this idea a bit more:



I then focused on coming up with different ways of executing the game idea and came up with the following:

Cancelled? Solutions

  • Visual novel game in a comic layout. Could have a set amount of HP which allows for a certain number of incorrect choices.

 Idea for gameplay

  • Sprite based side scroller which has comic panel partitions you break through/ navigate like the game comic zone.


  • Sprite based game which starts with cuts scenes that play out like a comic and then zoom into a panel were the game is like a traditional side scroller which would give the illusion you are entering the world.
  • Use a 3D model and environment in UDK or Unity to make the side scroller but have the textures in the cell shaded style.
  • 2D sprites in a 3D environment in UDK or Unity.

I decided to go with the last two options I thought up and would rather make the game in Unity because of its ease and versatility in its export options, this will make user testing more simple. I then gathered images and made inspiration sheets to help me develop my character.

Character Research sheet 1

Character Research sheet 2

I then drew my character in three sections so that I can try and rig these with a walk cycle in 3DS max.



Over reading week we chose some assets to create for the station, I chose to make buckets and sacks. I started by looking at buckets from the 1900’s and potato sacks.


These are buckets farmers used to milk cows around the 1900’s I decided to go with the designs of the bucket in the middle and on the right.

Buckets screen 1

I then worked on the sack using this potato sack as reference.


I started by making the basic shape.

Sack screen 1

I then moved the corners in and used the turbo smooth tool.

sack screen 2

sack screen 3

It did not turn out the way I had hoped. I was then pointed in the direction of sculpting the sack and using retopology to make the sack low poly ( I was given the below model to use to learn retopology).

Sack screen 4

I watched this tutorial video on retopology to help me get started and learn the basic shortcuts:

I then attempted it myself.

topology screen shot1

Sack screen 6

The result was much better. I was then given a tip to remove all the smoothing groups on the lower poly sack and auto smooth it this made the surface almost identical to the high poly version of the model.

Sack screen 7

I then had a go at pushing the poly count even further and took it down to 92 polys ( Original =3052, First attempt = 686).

Sack screen 8

I then used the smoothing technique.

Sack screen 9

This is ok but it is missing the round shape the others have so I decided to use the swift loop tool and scale tool to add a bit of a bulge to the sides (this brought the polys up to 122).

Sack screen 10

I am much happier with the result and a further poly shave is possible if the base is not needed.

I also smoothed out the buckets using the same method used on the sacks.

buckets smoothed