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Name: Dominoes.


Platform: Board Game.

Quick Breakdown:

This game falls under AGON because you are competing to be the first person to use all of their dominoes.

This game falls under ALEA because you don’t know what dominoes you or your opponent will get and some times you cant play any dominoes till your opponent plays a number you have making luck a big factor.

LUDUS – This game has clear preset rules and goals.

What needs does the game fulfill:

Relatedness – You are challenging your skills against a person who is sat opposite you.

What player type(s) does this game suit best:

Killer because though you are not killing anyone you are defeating them and you can enjoy knowing your skill is superior to your opponents.

Socializer because you are sat opposite from your opponent and can have a conversation while you play.

Examples of Punishment and reward within the game:

If you cannot make a move you are punished by having to draw another piece, however if you can make a move you are rewarded by loosing a piece and coming one step closer to victory.

How does it deal with the Hedonic Treadmill:

This depends entirely on your opponent if it’s a close match then you may want to keep playing because its a test of skill but if you win outright every time you may get board and not want to play any more.


Dominoes starts off much like a card game with all the dominoes being shuffled face down on the table and each player picking a hand of seven at random. The objective of the game is to get rid of all your dominoes but you can only play a domino next to one with the same number and both of the same number ends must be touching. if a player cannot go they pick another domino  from the shuffled ones at random, this ends there turn and will be repeated until they can make a move.

I usually fined dominoes to be quite fast pace with a mild element of strategy in the order you play each piece but I don’t think I have ever gotten into a state of flow while playing, games them selves are not that long and there are only seven numbers to keep track of over a large number of pieces making order quite simple to decide on. I think flow does not occur because the skill and difficulty of the game is quite low because luck is a major deciding factor in each game.