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Just for fun I decided to have a go at making Goku’s power pole from dragon ball.


Power pole 1

Power pole 2

Power pole 3

Power pole 4

The model is only very basic because I haven’t textured it yet. I’m hoping to make some textures for it in the future and will post the finished version when its done.


I played around in 3Ds Max and decided to try and make something simple, so I had a go at making the “Dragon Radar” from Dragon Ball.


I made it using:

OilTank x1

Torus x1

Cylinder x3

Sphere x1

Radar 1

radar 2

I was not happy with how round the dip to the screen was so I tweaked the position of the center object to make it more smooth.

Radar 3

Radar 4

Radar 5