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After going through my ergonomics sheets I decided I would post some of my favorite work from college that relates to games design.

The first is a prop sword I made from wood and old pram parts which could fold away and be detached:







I also did a Photoshopped image of my sword in the hands of Zidane the Final Fantasy character who’s weapon inspired this design:

zidane holding propv2

prop project portfolio sheet

Next is a gun and character design I created to for fill the previously mentioned ergonomics project:


back story visual

pose 1


To research ergonomics I looked at my past research I did in my 3D design course when I created a gun because a lot of the information I gathered was about handles and grips which is all relevant to a hand held controller.


This table gives some very useful information about the best size a cylinder shaped object should be for a comfortable grip. I also measured around the handle of my PS3 controller ( 4.6 inch circumference to pointed to get a diameter) and my PlayStation move controller (4.6 inch circumference 2 inch diameter). With these measurements I know to design my controller to have a circumference of around 4.6 inches and a diameter of  1.6 – 2.1 inches.

These are the sheets of past research I looked at:


Ergonomic case studies