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I decided to jump straight into making the 2D version of my characters place holder and get it working with a cat rig as my version of max not functioning properly set me back a little bit. I started by placing each part of my character on a flat plain in separate documents.

2D character Screenshot9

I then drew ons square over the character and shaped it using the swiftloop tool.

2D character Screenshot8

this worked but it was not very efficient adding far to many unnecessary polys so I decided to draw around my character with the line tool.

2D character Screenshot7

Then I added a bevel to the editable spline to get a filled in outline of my character.

2D character Screenshot6

I then deleted the faces and started to cap the pollys manually. The result was much better.

2D character Screenshot5

I then added the sketch to the model as a texture.

2D character Screenshot4

2D character Screenshot3

I then did the same process for the rest of the limbs.

2D character Screenshot18jpg

2D character Screenshot17

2D character Screenshot16

2D character Screenshot15

2D character Screenshot14

2D character Screenshot13

2D character Screenshot12

It was suggested for me to delete the other side of the model as it would be access polys and just have them all as flat plains.

2D character Screenshot11

2D character Screenshot10

I then put them all together and built a skeletal ready for rigging.

2D character Screenshot2

2D character Screenshot1


I am going through the tutorials on ZBrush and played around with it this was the result:

zBrush messing screen 1

This was all sculpted from one small Zsphere that is why is looks so jagged. I only managed to get one side to look right as I still haven’t got the hang of the symmetry tool I know how to turn it on and off but it would be on the lower part of the face instead of the other side. Hopefully I will gain a better understanding of the software and show more experiments soon.

I started by making a simple block shaped human figure:

Car-rig attempt base

I then watched every episode in this step by step tutorial before going though it a second time and attempting it myself. This gave me a better understanding of what was coming next and what to expect.

Car-rig attempt 1I started by making my block man see through then zeroed out it’s X & Y coordinates and froze it in place so I could not accidentally move it. I then added the cat parent and zeroed out its X & Y coordinates so it lined up nicely with my model and added the pelvis and scaled it to fit my model.

Car-rig attempt 2

I then added the legs and worked my way up the body starting next with the spine, then hands and lastly head (my character block does not have a neck).

Car-rig attempt 3

Car-rig attempt 4

Car-rig attempt 5

It was then time to unfreeze my block model and add a skin to it but 3DS max continually has an error when I try and add a skin and crashes.

Car-rig attempt 6

Car-rig attempt 7

I think this is either because my block is several different blocks just attached together or because there are not enough points on my model for the skin to determine which areas will be moved by each bone. I am going to try both of these theory’s starting with the lack of points one because it is the fastest to test using the swift loop tool.

Car-rig second attempt 1

I tryed all of these and it still did not work but when i loaded it on a different computer it worked fine so there was something wrong with my 3DS max.

Over the summer I decided to try and make a 3D model of Trafalgar law’s ship. These are the reference images I used:

law ship 1

law ship 2

law ship 3

law ship 4

law ship 5

I started by making the front of the ship as it is the central piece were everything will connect. I then attempted to make the back section by polly capping the top of a rectangle to the base of a cylinder, it didn’t go very well.

Laws ship screen 1

I then decided to scrap the end section and start it again and slanted the front to match the image.

Laws ship screen 2

I then created the back section out of separate shapes this worked much better.

Laws ship screen 3

I then focused on the tail fin I wasn’t sure on how to make a nice curve so I made it more triangular.

Laws ship screen 5

I then added the side fins.

Laws ship screen 6

Next I added the top cabin and made it out of several shapes like the back of the ship.

Laws ship screen 7

I then added the masts.

kid test screen 9

I then started work on the base of the ship.

kid test screen 10

Laws ship screen 11

I then added the sales, flag and lanterns.

Laws ship screen 12

I was quite happy with the shape except for the back fin so I decided to play around with the swift loop tool and adding sections, then raising them gradually till I had a smoother shape, the result was much better.

Laws ship screen 13

I then grouped the object and started the UV unwrap.

Law ship1

Laws ship screen 14

Trafalger Law ship map

I am currently still in the processes of texturing but here is what I have got so far.

Trafalger Law ship map example

Laws ship screen 15

Over reading week we were set a modeling task, which was to choose a text font and re-create it using 3D’s Max modeling every letter of the alphabet in both lower and uppercase. I decided to go with the font Dayton because most letters are made up by different segments allowing me to tackle each letter in segments which is my preferred way to model an object.


With the font selected I decided to do six to seven letters a day to spread out the task and try to avoid rushing this let me tackle this challenge at a lea-surly pace and gave me a clear goal for each day.

DSC_0165I modeled each letter by drawing a box over the image of the letter and then moved the edges around until they were in the right positions. For the more complex shapes I would them add extra edges using the swf loop tool and continue to match the shape to the image outline until it was correct, sometimes I would use two blocks to make a letter if it was very straight but then had a harsh curve at the end like the lowercase f.



Alphabet challange

I am pleased with the end result though I still think I need to work on my curves as some are still a little jagged in places.