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Blood Bag.

Posted: January 13, 2015 in FMP
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Since I spent so much time sketching and haven’t had any experience using normal maps I decided to make a blood bag as the first 3D model for my fighting stage so I could get back into my work flow of modeling and practice normal mapping on something relatively simple. I started by creating a the shape of the blood bag (on the right) I then took the model and copied it and added a turbo smooth to make sure the shape was as smooth as possible (on the left).

Blood bag screen shot 3

With a high poly successfully created the next job was to make the original as low poly as possible without changing the overall shape to drastically. This allowed me to bake the smooth edges of the high poly onto the low poly as a normal map.

Blood bag screen shot 2

Render without normal map.

blood bag render no normal

Render with normal map – as you can see there is very little difference between the two besides the thickness of the outside band.

blood bag render normal

I then created a quick texture, the label can be swapped out easily so not every blood bag will be blood type AB.

blood bag render

variation is important as not all the blood bags would sit the same so I started distorting some of the edges to create some variation this is were the limitations of the low poly model start to show as it creates harsh diagonal lines in some areas, this is most noticeable looking at the label because the texture moves very sharply because of how few polys there are.

Blood bag screen shot 1

Overall I am happy with how the shape turned out however I want to go back and work on the texture as it is very bare bones and needs something to help make it pop and look like a bag of liquid. after putting them in the engine I noticed that the scale was slightly off and the bags were bigger then they should be so that is another minor issue to be resolved.


Resizing the stage.

Posted: January 12, 2015 in FMP
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After my initial layout of the stage was complete i noticed that all of the textures were extremely small compared to the player start so I placed a character model into the stage to see how small the stage was.

Stage sizing screenshot 1


This showed me how small my scale was and by using the default character model as a starting point I started the stage over making everything in proportion to the model. I started by taking my previous measurements of 32 character widths and lined up 32 of the default models and placed in the walls.

Stage sizing screenshot 2


Stage sizing screenshot 3

While I was placing things into the stage the space felt a bit cramped so I extended it slightly at either side as the stage needs to feel like an open space that seems natural and not cramped and if the distance between the players during fights gets to large or effects the game play then I could fix the problem by having assets in the way. This shortens the distance the players can move without effecting the size of the stage keeping it looking proportionate.

Lab v2 screenshot 4


I am pleased with how quickly the Alpha mapped plains allowed me to block out the space and this gives me a good idea of what the biggest features are so I know what to make first and update to a 3D model.

Lab v2 screenshot 3

I placed the blood bags into the stage to help populate the space however there position still needs to be finalized and there scale is slightly large. These are all problems I will address when i go back to the model to improve the texture.

Lab v2 screenshot 2

Lab v2 screenshot 1



Stage Poll Results.

Posted: December 3, 2014 in FMP
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Lab: 15 votes



P.e.a.c.h.e.s Palace: 5 votes

Peaches Palace Extended


Clock Tower: 8 votes

Clock Tower Extended


I also got a few more asset suggestions for all stages which will be added to there asset lists. With the lab decided as the final design I decided to put all of the assets I had drawn into UE4 as alpha mapped planes and block out the walls so give a general feel of the space i want to achieve (this is not the correct scale or final positioning):

Lab v1 screenshot 1

Lab v1 screenshot 2

Lab v1 screenshot 4

Lab v1 screenshot 3

I do like the look of the parallaxing look of the 2D and 3D components of the stage and hope it looks much more refined by the end of the project.

With the survey over it occurred to me that having the tally at the bottom of the sheet influenced peoples choices a bit as when one design had a lot of votes people were reluctant to vote against it in fear of losing or that there didn’t seem to be much point voting against it. In the future I would avoid this by keeping the tally in a book or a separate piece of paper so i’m the only one who knows the current scores.



My thoughts on the game:

Mortal Kombat 9 is Netherrealm studios first fighting game for the PS3 and XBox 360 and is a great game the combat seems fluid and even though every character moves at the same speed it feels right as everyone is different enough in their techniques that they don’t feel the same with some characters having special ability’s focusing on range melee or aerial combat allowing more variety in characters. The combos can be complex and are the meat of learning each character, this ranging from quarter turns to more complex strings to execute special moves and keep the combo going.

The story mode is the best feature of the game as it reboots the whole series and takes you through the story of the first three Mortal Kombat games making his the perfect starting point for newcomers.

Though this game is fairly old now it hides its age well and its combat system is superior to their newer title injustice in my opinion.

Some of my favourite fighting stages from the game were:

The Bridge:


It feels very much like a busy city under attack with cars going by in the foreground and the battles going on in the background, my only complaint is the battle animations loop it would have been nice if it progressed in different areas as the match timer goes on.

Bell Tower:


I love the clutter in this stage from all the moving parts in the back ground and to the ropes dangling in the foreground. The rats running along the beams and the dingy colours make it feel like a very old space as well.


My thoughts on the game:

I’ll start this off by saying that I am not a big comic book fan saying I’m a casual fan would even be a stretch so this is my thoughts on the game based purely on how good of a fighting game it is.

Health system seems unfair and demoralizing because it carries over to the next match meaning that if you lose because your new to the game your opponent could now have half a health bar more than you stacking the odds in the victors favour. I can see the reason for doing this as it streamlines the rounds and makes it more fast paced and is fine if the people playing are about the same skill level as the health advantage is usually minute but it feels very unbalanced if there is a gap in skill making the stronger player have an even bigger advantage.

Stage brake events are interesting to look at but the novelty wears off quick and feels like a waste of time I also feel the damage they deal seems like an unfair amount and takes away from the skill and achievement I personally feel when playing fighting games that don’t have those gimmicks.

To me the default button layout does not flow nicely having you go from square, triangle then X for light , medium and heavy attacks with the Circle button been your special attribute button. The layout would flow much better going clock wise with circle and X swapping properties (like BlazBlues layout).

Every character feels the same to me with the same simple button inputs for all special attacks however this can be done well like in persona 4 arena and its sequel were the button inputs are the same but every character plays differently with characters specializing in melee, ranged or speed. In injustice everyone moves at the same speed (excluding special attacks) and (almost) everyone has a ranged attack this makes everyone feel like re-skinned clones playing almost identically besides the special character attribute and what each special move does. The only other real difference between each character is how they interact with the stage events falling under the class of either power character, who picks up objects and throws them, or gadget characters, who attach bombs to things to blow them up.

Wall escapes were also introduced in the game as interactive events allowing players to easily escape the corner and turn the tables at the push of a button. You could argue this takes away from the skill of knowing how to defending from your opponents mix-ups and how to perform more skilled corner escape tactics. Also the stage items/ events feel cheap and I always feel cheated when the AI exploits them to deal massive damage when I try to just have a clean fighting match which is purely skill based without any gimmicks getting in the way and muddying my experience (this is purely my own opinion I know people who enjoy the events but to each their own). I have read that you can turn them off but this must be for online only as I cannot fined the option in the game settings and do not own play station plus to try it out.

The story mode for Injustice is its strongest point been well thought out and brilliantly acted however one character got three story sections when everyone ells only got one and some characters didn’t get any this, though minor, did annoy me.

There are also extremely limited line reads recorded for each character this will drive you mad when you do several matches as the same character and they repeat the same line and animation after every fight.

Some of my favourite fighting stages from the game were:

Arkham Asylum:


This stage was interesting because of the themes cells so even a person who knows very little about DC comics (like me) knows witch cell belongs to who and all of the different corridors you can look down in the centre of the stage help convey the sense that is a big facility.



The design of this stage is probably my favorite in the whole game. I love the design from the ceiling without a proper roof exposing the wires and shafts to the hanging lights monitors and lighting. It all sets a very underground lab tone which really appealed to me.


My thoughts on the game:

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (P4AU)is the second game in the persona fighting game spin off series, developed by Arc System Works & Atlus, the game is a fighting game that utilizes beautiful 2D sprites on a 3D background. The story of P4AU is expansive with the ability to play it from the perspective of either the persona 3 or 4 characters (a third perspective as Adachi is also available via DLC). Each character in P4AU feels unique with some that are slower than others but deal more damage and others that are faster, grapplers and ranged characters etc. the main difference being (apart from the characters equipment) their persona which is like a tag team partner who can perform even more unique moves. Another layer to the combat is the inclusion of status ailments based on the ones that can affect you in the game. A new feature to P4AU’s combat is the new way to perform special attacks were you just need to hold down the square button and a small gauge will appear the longer you hold the gauge determines the level of special attack you will perform when you release the button.

P4AU has an all new tower mode were your characters level RPG style and gain new moves witch can add status ailments to your attack, give you access to healing spells, increase statuses or weaken your opponents. in every dungeon there is a boss every five floors and once you beat the boss you are rewarded with a large amount of XP, one of the bosses skills and a check point so you can continue the dungeon from that floor from then on.

The game has a great soundtrack with music from every persona 3&4 game including their spin offs and bolsters a wide variety of colours for each character the announcer for each match is also very clear and easy to understand.

Some of my favourite fighting stages from the game were:

School Hallway:


This stage stood out to me because the space feels open with the large corridor that you can look down. I also like all the smaller details of the shoes, umbrellas and bags littered about in the background for ground and the open lockers.

The Flood Plain:


What stands out about the flood plain to me was all the assets in the background been warped or placed differently from how you would normally see them making it very aesthetically pleasing, this is helped greatly by the colour pallet of the level mainly been red, green and grey increasing the uneasiness.



My thoughts on the game:

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma (BBCP) is the third game in the BlazBlue series, developed by Arc System Works. The game has a large focus on character diversity, bolstering a roster of twenty six characters with two more on the way with the 2.0 patch, and complex combo inputs making it a game were you have to spend a lot of time learning each character to get the most out of them with very little besides basic button chains and combos been similar though what they do will be drastically different on range, power and speed. To balance the complexity of the game out for new players there is a simple mode which sets the character to auto chain combos from mashing buttons this also lets you learn possible combos for each character. This makes BBCP an easy game to play but a hard game to master.

BBCP has an expansive story mode that will take well over 8 hours to complete (unless you skip all of the dialog), as well as story mode BBCP offers an arcade mode, score attack, versus, abyss, unlimited mars and a unique take on multiplayer were you select an avatar top walk round a virtual arcade and challenge people to a match at the arcade machines (this style would be used in all of Arc System Works future titles).

The depth of BBCP’s combat and characters keep the game fun and challenging making it a real challenge especially if you’re using a character your unfamiliar with. This style of fair fights depending entirely on skill makes it so I never feel cheated after a loss and just try to get better instead of frustrated like some other fighters (injustice).

Some of my favourite fighting stages from the BlazBlue franchise have been:

Moonlight Castle – Another-:


I love all of the small details about this stage from the fact that the full moon is in a different position depending on which game you play, the roses cover your feet and you kick up petals as you move, the rolling for in the back ground, the facial expressions on the pumpkin lights, the warped castle in the back ground and the dim lighting creating a nice ambiance.

Kaka Village:


I like this stage because of how wide and open the space feels allowing you to be able to look down the side streets and the fact that the Kaka kittens are playing in the street makes it feel very lively.