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Name: Final Fantasy All the Bravest.

Type: AGON

Platform: Mobile.

Quick Breakdown:

This game falls under AGON because you have plenty of items to collect and fill the collectables pages as well as defeat all of the iconic final fantasy villains.

Forms of play:

LUDUS – This game has clear preset rules and goals.

What needs does the game fulfill:

Competence – You are able to proceed very quickly and have a leveling system along with plenty of items and classes to unlock making progression very quick and clear.

What player type(s) does this game suit best:

Achiever because are plenty of bosses to defeat, enemies to kill, items to collect and classes to unlock. Each of these are recorded in a log which you can view at any time allowing you to keep track of everything you have and whats left to get.

Examples of Punishment and reward within the game:

Every time a party member dies you have to wait three real world minuets for them to revive with a full party this will take one and a half hours to get your party back (unless you pay money). For winning a battle you are rewarded with experience and the monsters entry in your log there is also a chance you will get a new weapon.

How does it deal with the Hedonic Treadmill:

The games re-playability relies heavily on collectables like monster entries and equipment, if you are not interested in collecting everything there is no reason to keep playing after every boss has been defeated.


Final Fantasy All the Bravest is a mobile game where you have a team of classic Final Fantasy characters and fight the iconic bosses of the series. Each battle plays exactly the same though, all you do is tap each of your party members, who are selected randomly, to make them attack and each party member is killed in one shot meaning there is no strategy needed in this game. This simple play style is entertaining enough for pick up and play without any long term commitment making it a great casual game but it did not bring me close to achieving a state of flow because of how low the skill level is.

The animations and sprites for each character and attack look great but you don’t get to enjoy them while your fingers cover the screen with the constant tapping. The game is riddled with micro transactions as you have to pay to buy hourglasses which revive all your party members otherwise you have to wait three minuets for one character to revive one at a time. You also can pay to have one random iconic Final Fantasy character join your party or buy a new stage.