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The following are the development stages I went through working on a walking mechanic for my code before I abandoned it and decided to go for a point and click game play style.

The first is the most basic were I just got a ball to move in a direction corresponding to the directional key you push and can be found here. You may notice there is a gray box on the screen in the SWF that you can walk through, all of the next developments are mainly focused on creating a collision system to stop the ball passing through objects. My first successful step towards achieving this removed the ability to move forward when the ball was touching the wall but it also took away the ability to move down which was a problem. all maneuverability was restored though when the ball moved away from the wall by going to the side. The SWF can be found here. I managed to over come this problem and made a box around the ball which does not let the ball pass through it when you walk into the walls unless you are already touching one wall when you walk into the other. By touching two walls at the same time the code is still disabling the moments from the first wall you was touching and allows you to get far enough into the second wall that you can walk out of the box this was a game braking bug if i were to use this system. the SWF file can be found here.

I was then pointed in the direction of hit test points instead of using hit test objects this would allow me to create an outline which the player would not be able to leave. To get use to hit test points I made a quick flash code were the ball would return to the center of the screen when the mouse touched the black line. The SWF file can be found here. With this new way to set up collisions I looked into how to set up a much smoother movement for the ball and did this by giving each direction a base speed of zero and added five, or minus five, when the corresponding key/s were pushed making a much more fluent movement. the combination of the two can be found here.

I then looked into how to move the ball from one screen to the next when it touched an object, this would be used for opening doors etc. This was relatively simple just been a collision which takes you to the next screen. the SWF can be found here. I then combined the two, this worked fine except that when the ball entered the next screen it was in the same position it was in when it touched the object. this could be solved by adding a move X and Y code along with the go to next frame action but this would take too long to set up and time was running out. along with this code I would also need to start and finish the sprites for the maps if I were to use this in my game. this is why I decided to go with a point and click game for my hand in to try and get a better looking piece produced that would represent the ideal of my game more accurately. The final walking test SWF can be found here.

I started to look at ways to change the mouse courser and make it play an animation when you hovered over an object/person you could interact with. I managed to succeed but you had to rapidly click the mouse until you clicked on the object before the animation goes into its next loop this is why it was not used in the final product. The SWF file can be found here.


Ululu GUI Improved.

Posted: May 1, 2013 in Design for the user
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I took the feedback for my Ululu GUI and made improvements to the menu adding all the options. I also tweeked the health bar to make it more subtle and added an energy bar and equipment slots.

Ululu GUI Improved screen 1

Ululu GUI Improved screen 2

Most of the menu optopns are just place holders. when you hover over an icon, text appears in the centre explaining what the option is.

Ululu GUI Improved screen 3

Ululu GUI Improved screen 4

The swf file can be found here.

I took the feedback for my mech GUI and made improvements to the information desplay so it shows what you have equiped and the characters face aswell as a mini map and an energy bar for the mech.

Mech GUI Improved screen 1

The swf file can be found here.

I then decided to remove the crosshair because it seemed out of place.

Mech GUI Improved screen 2

The swf file can be found here.

Rabbit Mech GUI.

Posted: May 1, 2013 in Design for the user
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I started working on the mech GUI by getting setting out the basic layout.

Mech GUI screen 1

I then added an animation to indicate the players health, the swf file can be found here.

Ululu GUI

Posted: May 1, 2013 in Design for the user
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I started by creating the basic layout and made the gear spin when you mouse over it.

Ululu GUI screen 1

The swf file can be found here.

I then added the start menu and my initial idea for the inventory.

Ululu GUI screen 2

Ululu GUI screen 3

The swf file can be found here.

Ident Development.

Posted: March 31, 2013 in Craft & Media Tec 2
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I started to develop my ident for the company name I came up with earlier, Chronicle Memory. I did this by making a story board of how I imagined the logo being displayed.


I then tried to make this using Adobe after effects but I would need an expensive add-on to create the sand effects so I decided to try and animate it in flash to create it in a more basic form. I started by just trying to animate the pocket watch:

Pocket watch

The final result of my card game can be found here. Please note for some reason it has not uploaded correctly so things that should be hidden are visible (I tried uploading several times).


I decided to try and make a game based off the Final Fantasy trading card game not released in the west. This involved getting card images and importing a deck of my own, translating them and learning to play. I then spent time doing initial sketches and researched the layouts of existing card games looking for features or displays I could use in my own game.

My biggest challenge was trying to learn flash, but any card tutorials I found were irrelevant or incomplete which lead me to try and create a completely scripted battle. This is what lead me to create a tutorial but due to my lack of knowledge with flash things took a lot longer than they should have and I took the long way of doing things writing 500+ lines of code for most slides. This is why the tutorial is so short.

If I could do this all again I would make a background track for the level, create a better looking menu screen and spend less time translating cards as only a hand full were actually used due to my limitations in coding meaning I could not set up a random draw function like I had hopped. Overall I am pleased with the progress I made learning flash and over coming numerous problems but taking the flash as a product on its own it is far from what I imagined been little more than a 12 slide sideshow were the user has to choose the right options to progress. Though it does manage to demonstrate the type of game I was proposing to make, which is the purpose of the flash. In closing I hope to be able to improve my skills even further in my next flash based project.