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In the weeks leading up to our client project we have been given a mini brief to design aspects for Rabbit Heart, a project witch my tutors are leading. The area of focus we were given was the Rabbit mech suit, to start the project I made mood boards relating to Rabbit Heart, existing rabbit mechs and cockpits.

Rabbit Heart Sheet:

Research 1


Rabbit Mech Sheet:

Research 2


Cockpit Sheet:


Research 3


While thinking about what aspect of the project I would like to work on I kept coming back to the bond between the player and the machine and how to get the player to be invested in the relationship. This lead the the idea for my focus for this mini brief:


Create ways to help strengthen the players bond with the mech, through possible maintenance, gained by finding manuals and tools, or small customization options to help build not only Ululu’s sentimental value towards the mech but the players investment in the relationship. These interactions will go alongside the physical interactions and need to be close that has already been listed.

This will involve working with someone who has an interest in designing the mech to see what sort of tools would be used for maintenance. Some basic ideas are the ability to name the suit, polish it and oil the joints as very basic interactions.


Initial Story Concept Ideas.

Posted: October 21, 2014 in FMP
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I came up with several quick concepts for the story of the game, this is something I will add to later or refine one of these ideas.

Idea 1

Dying Billionaire holds a tournament which will grant the winner all the money fame and success they could desire. The tournament is a set up to gain data on the best fighters around the world to create the perfect body for the old man’s brain to be moved into.

Idea 2

The world is split into social classes and separated with no way of moving into the next bracket. The lower sector is separated under a huge floating city were no light can breach, there only hope of getting out is a tournament that is held once every 20 years which allows people to compete for a chance to move from the desolate waste lands under the metropolis to the rich city above.

Idea 3

Portals start to open up linking worlds. A dimension linking all of the world’s together forms and people fight for control, knowledge, power freedom and exploration. Dimension is created by a higher power?

Idea 4

Two great nations at war, one relies solely on magic the other on technology. There is a third party of mercenary’s and bounty hunters who dabble in both magic and technology.

Idea 5

Set in the future? A world where oxygen is running thin and most of the planet is dying. Corporations monopolise oxygen and use it to have power.

This is my initial idea for the first stage of the game, it has a rough indication of obstacles and items, this will give me a good starting point of the structure I will need to create in Unity and what sort of code I will need to fined like how to make platforms move.



Cancelled? HUD Ideas.

Posted: January 2, 2014 in Aspects of Play
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These are my initial ideas for the HUD designs of Cancelled? since there is only health, energy and lives in the game it was optimal to keep everything in the top left corner of the screen.


Cancelled? Menu Ideas.

Posted: January 2, 2014 in Aspects of Play
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These are my initial ideas for the menu design of Cancelled?:


I based one of the menu designs off of the contents page of Shonen Jump Magazine:


Since the game is parodying this magazine I think this is the design I will develop further.

We were given a task to think up and create a proposal for a game and try to then create a functioning segment. I handed in three proposals and my shortest was chosen, that being Cancelled?.

What is Cancelled?

A side scrolling action game about a manga character who’s series is about to get cut from weekly hop magazine.

Game starts in black and white but gets colour pages as he fights his way up the popularity pole rankings by bursting into other story’s. The 4th wall will be broken several times. Power ups gained after defeating a major boss.


Your goal will be to get from one side of the map to the other and defeat a boss to progress with plat forming elements making it more challenging and less run from A to B. Each ranking spot will count as a new stage.

This was my initial conception in my note book any my first sketches of my initial thoughts for the main character:


I then refined this idea a bit more:



I then focused on coming up with different ways of executing the game idea and came up with the following:

Cancelled? Solutions

  • Visual novel game in a comic layout. Could have a set amount of HP which allows for a certain number of incorrect choices.

 Idea for gameplay

  • Sprite based side scroller which has comic panel partitions you break through/ navigate like the game comic zone.


  • Sprite based game which starts with cuts scenes that play out like a comic and then zoom into a panel were the game is like a traditional side scroller which would give the illusion you are entering the world.
  • Use a 3D model and environment in UDK or Unity to make the side scroller but have the textures in the cell shaded style.
  • 2D sprites in a 3D environment in UDK or Unity.

I decided to go with the last two options I thought up and would rather make the game in Unity because of its ease and versatility in its export options, this will make user testing more simple. I then gathered images and made inspiration sheets to help me develop my character.

Character Research sheet 1

Character Research sheet 2

I then drew my character in three sections so that I can try and rig these with a walk cycle in 3DS max.