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I took the test design I made when I followed the Stroke FX tutorial and modified it using the techniques I learned by watching text blur titles tutorial (found here).

I then put the video into Adobe Premier and added a ticking sound effect:


I followed the Stroke FX tutorial on video copilot (which can be found here.) here are my results:

after effects screen 1

after effects screen 2

after effects screen 3

after effects screen 4

after effects screen 5

after effects screen 6

after effects screen 7

after effects screen 8

after effects screen 9

after effects screen 10

after effects screen 11

I had a go at animating the sand coming out of the pocket watch and floating across the screen in Photoshop because I was not sure how to do this in after effects and every tutorial I looked at required a particle effects add-on which I did not have.

I don’t really like the quality that I am achieving with this ambitious ident design so I think I am going to scrap this idea and design one which i feel I would be ore comfortable to create at a higher level of quality.

Ident Development.

Posted: March 31, 2013 in Craft & Media Tec 2
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I started to develop my ident for the company name I came up with earlier, Chronicle Memory. I did this by making a story board of how I imagined the logo being displayed.


I then tried to make this using Adobe after effects but I would need an expensive add-on to create the sand effects so I decided to try and animate it in flash to create it in a more basic form. I started by just trying to animate the pocket watch:

Pocket watch