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My Logo Design.

Posted: May 17, 2014 in Client Related Practice
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We have been brain storming logo ideas for the group project and I noticed they were all very big and flashy. While this is defiantly eye catching I didn’t feel they would work on business cards so I looked at other logos that stand out in my mind as well as what films and games I had on my shelf, about 90% of them were just text with an artistic font or a symbol replacing a letter so I decided to give it a go and came up with this idea.

Paragons past logo copy


I took the test design I made when I followed the Stroke FX tutorial and modified it using the techniques I learned by watching text blur titles tutorial (found here).

I then put the video into Adobe Premier and added a ticking sound effect:

I followed the Stroke FX tutorial on video copilot (which can be found here.) here are my results:

after effects screen 1

after effects screen 2

after effects screen 3

after effects screen 4

after effects screen 5

after effects screen 6

after effects screen 7

after effects screen 8

after effects screen 9

after effects screen 10

after effects screen 11

I had a go at animating the sand coming out of the pocket watch and floating across the screen in Photoshop because I was not sure how to do this in after effects and every tutorial I looked at required a particle effects add-on which I did not have.

I don’t really like the quality that I am achieving with this ambitious ident design so I think I am going to scrap this idea and design one which i feel I would be ore comfortable to create at a higher level of quality.

Ident Development.

Posted: March 31, 2013 in Craft & Media Tec 2
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I started to develop my ident for the company name I came up with earlier, Chronicle Memory. I did this by making a story board of how I imagined the logo being displayed.


I then tried to make this using Adobe after effects but I would need an expensive add-on to create the sand effects so I decided to try and animate it in flash to create it in a more basic form. I started by just trying to animate the pocket watch:

Pocket watch


Posted: January 23, 2013 in Craft & Media Tec
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I am going to look at various logos in the entertainment industry and comment on what i find appealing and memorable about them or what doesn’t work in my opinion.

Double Fine:

Double Fine’s logo is very simple they have a two headed man that changes costumes depending on what game they make like in Brutal Legend the mascot is dressed as a rocker. The mascot reminds me of a side show at a circus because the cloths look like the ones the strong man is always shown wearing and if you visit there website it looks like a big top so this is a theme they have kept constant in the presentation of their company. I always found this logo memorable because of the various singers who sing the logo name in the later versions which is very good because I always remember the name of the company which is the point of a logo.


Funimations logo is very simple as it is mainly the name of the company displayed in bright colours that have stayed the same over the years even though the logo has changed over the years, keeping the same colour scheme keeps this helps keep the logo familiar even though its look has changed. As the logo evolved over the years they try and show all of the animation styles they cover from traditional drawing to digital colouring and effects. Like the Double Fine logo the thing that I think of most when I think of Funimation is their slogan they say in the later versions of the logo; “Funimation entertainment. You should be watching”.

Toei animation:

Toei animation’s logo is very simple as it is mainly the name of the company with a mascot above it. The thing that stands out most with this logo is the mascot. This is allows Toei  to just put the image of the mascot on their products and people know who it belongs to.

Siren Visual:

I liked this logo because of the way the character changes showing the diferent types of anime going from a plain character to a spikey haired character, to a robot, to a femail, to mech suit then jumps into the TV showing that you can fined all of these things on you’r TV.

 Studio Ghibli:


 Studio Ghibli’s logo is most reconisable for their mascot character like Toei animation. in this case they picked one of their most marketable charecters from one of their erlier films.


 I have no problem remembering the logo but who the logo is for which is a problem with the design. I would have made the MGM text more prominent because your focus is drawn too much to the lion. I would have had the logo just been the letters MGM with the lion inside the G.