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UDK Scale Test.

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Self Initiated Project
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I grouped all of the modular pieces into one object to save time and then imported it into UDK to test the scale and see is any other changes need to be made.

Udk Test Screen Shot 2

Udk Test Screen Shot 1

The scale seems wright however I will need to modify the modular pieces so they no longer overlap as it causes flickering.


before I started turning one of my blockout buildings into modular pieces I sketched how I planned to split them up.

Modular Piece Sketch

This plan worked out well and I could use these pieces to make the full house and size I wanted. When I tested it in UDK there was some flickering were the beams overlapped so I quickly sketched a solution.

Modular Piece Sketch2

My next step is to modify the modular pieces so they are missing beams on the indicated sides.

I started by looking at my blockout and seeing which assets are usable to out into the modular kit. Below are the pieces I think will work this may change depending on the other pieces I make further into development.

Roof Window:

Roof Window

Curved Support:

curved support

Door Awning:

Door orning

Straight Support:

strait support





I then decided to use Photoshop to mark out what segments I will make into modular pieces. I decided to colour code them between first choice (how I would like the modular piece to be made) and their backups if the first choice does not work. I had problems with getting bricks round doors and windows to tile seamlessly with the wall in the client project so having the backup keeps everything clear.


modular render

Attack on TitanModular window 1

Modular building piece

modular door and wall

Modular window abd wall

Modular house plan

Taking this forward I will sketch out the modular pieces and try to refine them and figure out how to make them fit together nicely.