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To start the research for the street project we have been set a task to look at different practitioners who sketch street views in observational drawings. I decided to also look at concept designs for streets as well and compare how the two are drawn I expect the perspective to be the same but there may be some difference in how a fictional place is drawn to a real one in an observational drawing.

The first person I found was Rui Nakao all of his sketches are done on location in pen and water colour wash on paper.

This is his sketch of Laneway and MacEwan College:


This is his sketch of Avenue of Nations:


His style seems very clear using few lines to get as much detail as possible. the use of a colour wash adds a lot of detail by being a quicker way of adding shadows and shading.

The next person I found was Kurt D. Hollomon:




His style is very sketchy with detail added by cross hatching. I really like that shading that he has achieved by using different styles of crosshatching and by not adding it to areas it creates highlights that pop out at you. The outline looks like it was done very fast and only serves to give the basic shape in very little detail even being inaccurate in some areas like the flowerpot, the sides are unsymmetrical, but because of the detail you don’t notice the roughness of the outline.

Examples of cross hatching:


Examples came from here.

I then looked at some of the street concepts from Uncharted 3 and found some of the work by Andrew Kim:





I notice in the concept designs some of them are done from angles that would not be possible in a normal observational drawing and because of the time he had to work on the image there is a lot more detail than is captured in the observational drawings I looked at.

I then looked at some of the street concepts from Deus ex to get examples of a more futuristic concept of buildings as uncharted is very much the modern world and found some of the work by Richard Dumont:






The angles are very similar to the Uncharted concepts with the low angle views and the birds eye perspectives but everything is much more smooth and clear, which gives it a much more digital look were as the Uncharted concepts looked more rough and less precise probably because these concepts are representing a place from the future so things must be more precise.

For the last pieces of concept art I looked for some examples from the new Assassins Creed game, so I will have an example of concepts based on past present and future architecture, I found some of the work by Eddie Bennun:






Once again the views return but in this case you see some people in the foreground this helps put you in the scene when you can see some of the people just acting naturally unlike in the Uncharted concepts were the characters placed in the concept are depicting a setup for game play and giving an idea of what will go on in the location instead of helping set the scene.


To help improve my drawing skills and my skills in observation I have been set a task to build a body of observational drawings, I will add to this post as I do more.

Building 1



Alarm clock


Origami figure


Lava lamp on desk