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Over the summer I decided to try and make a 3D model of Trafalgar law’s ship. These are the reference images I used:

law ship 1

law ship 2

law ship 3

law ship 4

law ship 5

I started by making the front of the ship as it is the central piece were everything will connect. I then attempted to make the back section by polly capping the top of a rectangle to the base of a cylinder, it didn’t go very well.

Laws ship screen 1

I then decided to scrap the end section and start it again and slanted the front to match the image.

Laws ship screen 2

I then created the back section out of separate shapes this worked much better.

Laws ship screen 3

I then focused on the tail fin I wasn’t sure on how to make a nice curve so I made it more triangular.

Laws ship screen 5

I then added the side fins.

Laws ship screen 6

Next I added the top cabin and made it out of several shapes like the back of the ship.

Laws ship screen 7

I then added the masts.

kid test screen 9

I then started work on the base of the ship.

kid test screen 10

Laws ship screen 11

I then added the sales, flag and lanterns.

Laws ship screen 12

I was quite happy with the shape except for the back fin so I decided to play around with the swift loop tool and adding sections, then raising them gradually till I had a smoother shape, the result was much better.

Laws ship screen 13

I then grouped the object and started the UV unwrap.

Law ship1

Laws ship screen 14

Trafalger Law ship map

I am currently still in the processes of texturing but here is what I have got so far.

Trafalger Law ship map example

Laws ship screen 15


One Piece Kaizoku Musou:

One Piece Kaizoku Musou is a game adaptation of the first half of the One Piece story going through every major event up to the story’s time skip (Buggy – Marineford).

The main campaign will take about 10 hours to complete with variations depending on the difficulty. 6/10

The game has a lot of replay ability with its multiplayer, challenge modes and other story mode which allows you to play story levels as the other straw hats. This will add hours of game play as you can also level your characters and get better equipment for them so there is a lot to do for the completionists. 8/10

The story is loyal to the manga mostly but some areas are stripped to their most basic elements and some key villains are skipped. It’s a lot of fun to play as your favourite characters from the show but the game doesn’t do much to build the characters backstories itself I think it relies a fair amount on the people buying this game been fans of the series already knowing who everyone is. Overall it’s a fun experience for fans and it’s simple enough that a lot of newcomers will be able to enjoy. 7/10

The game is incredibly easy to play I played the Korean version of the game and was able to pick up the controls quickly without been able to read the tutorials. The game play is rather repetitive were you just kill enemies move to the next area and then rinse and repeat till you get to the boss. Thankfully the main campaign has some variation including plat forming elements and other objectives but these are few in comparison. 6/10

The game is a lot of fun to me but this may be because I’m a fan of the series its very fast pace with plenty of combinations to pull off making you feel good as you level your favourite characters. When you finish the game you get to see a sort of alternate reality for the show which is a nice surprise for the fans and made it more worthwhile to me but the difficulty levels are all over ranging from average to ridiculously hard depending on equipment and levels making the sense of accomplishment not as great as some other games I’ve played. 6/10

The game has a multiplayer mode both online and split screen but only co-op I feel the game could have benefited more from a verses mode but the coop is still a welcome addition. There is also a personal score everyone has on their online card and as they play games they gain more points maxing out at 9999 showing how experienced a player they are. 5/10

The art style is the best part of the game the characters look amazing and move smoothly. All the textures are loaded straightaway and the load screens are quick. The only downside is some of the trash mobs you fight have very little variation to about 6-8 different types per faction this may seem like a lot but when you’re fighting 300-1000 enemies per match you notice this but tend to not bet too put off by it as there not focused on too much. 9/10

The sound if very loyal to the show and sets the mood perfectly. All of the scores they use would not seem out of place if they were used in the actual show. All the Japanese voice cast do their roles perfectly and convey there emotions extremely well. 10/10

Overall I give One Piece Kaizoku Musou a 7/10 It’s a must have for One Piece fans but if your not a fan of the series and not invested in the One piece universe I would give it a 5/10 it’s still an average game but going into this blind you may end up very confused as the game relies quite a lot on you knowing the story.

I was asked to pick a lineart image from the internet and colour it in Photoshop using only one base colour and editing selected areas with the Hue/Saturation tool. Naturally I selected a lineart of my favorite anime One Piece. The lineart I picked was created by MargotYvy and can be found here.

I then worked into the image using the Dodge and Burn tool to add more shading and depth.

I am really pleased with the final outcome for this task. I also think that colouring a line art of characters I was familiar with allowed me to notice where the shading and highlights should go much more easily which is good experience to have as it has given me a better Idea of how light works and how to use shadows and highlights more effectively.