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After talking about the communication and organization of the Paragon Project last term we decided that we needed a way to keep things more organized and have small deadlines to help keep people motivated to complete assets efficiently. To do this I created several tables covering the three main aspects we needed to complete, models, textures and sounds and added suitable category’s for people to fill out next to the name of the asset they wanted to work on the results are as follows.

Asset Table Models Old

Asset Table Textures Old

Asset Table Sounds Old

After showing these to the group to get more asset suggestions we decided to get rid of the agreed completion time as everyone’s skill level is different so instead the person taking the model only fills out the estimated completion date giving a more personal goal for when you think you can complete the asset. These are the final tables, they were printed out in A3 and stuck to the studio wall so people can fill them out easily and the everyone knows who is doing what and when it should be completed.

Asset Table Models

Asset Table Textures

Asset Table Sounds

I also made a digital version of each of the tables for our online base camp to allow people to access the information easily from home.


To keep on top of all the projects and produce more work I have created myself a time table, this will hopefully get me into a routine as I fined routines the best way to keep at something contentiously. I decided to colour code it so if i do need to make any changes in the future all I need to do is re colour the box relevant to the time.

Time TableWith the table under it I will be able to see how well I am keeping to the time table and if I could make any changes to address any patterns that may show up. I will post the progress of each week to my blog and write a brief progress report and agenda to help me keep things organized and review if things aren’t working out or strengthen the aspects that are working. I also created a checklist using a separate spreadsheet, the checklist has all of my objectives for this project on it broken down and allows me to tick them off when they are complete. It will then automatically update to tell me how many objectives have been complete and how many are left to do. This will help me keep on top of everything as i sometimes fined myself forgetting to do something or just hit a writers block and cant progress, having this table will let me see clearly what tasks I need to do and can easily be added to.


I will also aim to look at other methods of organization to help improve the basic system I have set up and decide what methods work best for me. This will set the groundwork and make whatever system I come up with ready to be used in future projects.