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Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 1

Persona 5 is my most anticipated game of the year and with the latest trailer showing some game play I thought I would share my thoughts on whats going on.

As soon as it begins the game play footage you can see that it is using the same style the team went with for Catherine and it looks great. It also looks like the protagonists are thief’s this time which is the polar opposite of persona 4 were you played as detectives solving the crime. The mascot character looks like it will be a cat and if it is the teddy character of the group I expect cat burglar puns to be used. Each character has different thief outfits but they all wear masks and in the last scene of the trailer you see the main characters mask set ablaze, engulf him in blue flames, then when the screen goes black you hear the persona summon sound effect from the previous game. This implies that you turn into your persona using your mask which does make sense since personas are facades you put on to deal with different situations and are usually referred to as masks you use to hide behind so including this as the summon mechanic would be taking the metaphor and make it literal. The enemies shown in combat were not shadows but personas, this could mean you have to capture your personas by defeating them. the setting looks like a large city which will make it the largest area setting yet. This has also  influenced the dungeons because they are much more open with platforming and stealth element which is refreshing to see compared to the hallway layout of previous persona titles.

Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 38Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 37Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 36Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 35Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 34Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 30Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 29Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 28Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 12Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 10Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 9Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 8Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 11Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 7Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 6Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 5Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 4Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 3Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 2

The menus in this game are amazing and remind me of the title screen animations they used in Catherine. Each menu is eye grabbing and not just because of the animation but the slick colour scheme choosing to keep it simple having just black and white for the character silhouettes and text with a third colour comprising the back ground and borders. The sharp contrast between colours makes the designs pop grabbing your attention, I cant wait to see what other menu’s are in the game and that’s not something i’m usually drawn to.

Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 33Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 32Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 31Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 27Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 26Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 25Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 24Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 23Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 22Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 21Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 20Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 19Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 18Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 17

The velvet room looks like a jail for the protagonist with the twins that have replaces Margret and Elisabeth watching over your cell. Igor sits on a desk opposite you possibly as a lawyer or your prosecutor.

Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 13Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 16Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 15Persone 5 Trailer Screenshot 14

Seeing all this has made me even more excited for this title however the worrying part about the trailer was the lack of a date at the end. It would have been nice to see a vague 2015 once again to reassure everyone that it is still coming out this year.


To help develop my modeling, unwrapping and texturing skills I have decided model weapons and items from shows I enjoy and also hope they will make nice portfolio pieces to go along side my projects. The first weapon I decided to make is the Elucidator from Sword Art Online, the initial reference image I used was from a cosplay prop blueprint:

Elucdator V1 Render 1

I was fairly pleased with the result however the hand guard felt wrong to me so I decided to make it thinner and change the texture of the side to give it a more noticeable outline.

Elucdator V2 Render 1

Something still felt wrong so I decided to watch the show and look at it more closely and I was wright the props blueprint had simplified the pommel on the handle and hand guard taking away a lot of its shape as well as removing a point from the bottom of the blade. so I made the changes to the blade, a new handle and a new hand guard this took several attempts before I was happy with the shape.

Hand guards

New Handel

Elucdator V3 Render 3

This felt much more accurate; with the sword finished to a standard I was happy with I modeled the scabbard.

Elucdator V3 Render 1Elucdator V3 Render 2

Elucdator V3 Render 4

Elucdator V3 Render 5

Elucdator V3 Render 6

I am going through the tutorials on ZBrush and played around with it this was the result:

zBrush messing screen 1

This was all sculpted from one small Zsphere that is why is looks so jagged. I only managed to get one side to look right as I still haven’t got the hang of the symmetry tool I know how to turn it on and off but it would be on the lower part of the face instead of the other side. Hopefully I will gain a better understanding of the software and show more experiments soon.


I attended the platform Expo on the 15th & 16th and attended presentations from Sony, Microsoft, Google and some Indie developers these are my notes:

Developing for Xbox presentation notes, Richard Adams & Carla Prada.

London lift

You need to know and understand technical language.

Microsoft is doing 32 intern ships in the UK.

Apply at Be your Future (Link).

Pete Smith gave a presentation on how to present and sell your game to a publisher giving his insight on the do’s and don’ts from a publisher standpoint.

What is the game?

  • The big idea – Focus it down as condensed as possible.
  • Have a production anchor.

Is the idea good?

  • Distinctive, Innotive, Relevant.

What do you want?

  • Do research on the company and what they are big in.

Keep it visual (these are the least interesting to the most interesting)

  • Text
  • Artwork
  • Rip-o-Matic
  • Scenarios
  • Pre-Vis Movie
  • Prototype

Rip-o-Matic – A movie showing what a game is about. You don’t need to licence anything. Keep focus!

Pre-Vis/ Renders – Sets a benchmark.

Prototypes – Best for a small mobile game.

Make the publishers life easy. Have lots of assets.

How do you communicate your idea?

  • Research – You need to be the expert.
  • Think about what you want.
  • Manage your expectations – Get the right partner.
  • IP – More likely to get a deal if you sell it.
  • Be prepared to adapt.
  • Tailor your presentation to the company your presenting to.
  • Sell your self – Make a good impreshion.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice.


  • Don’t be boring.
  • Don’t Bitch and winge.
  • Don’t spent the whole time on the pitch – Allow for questions, comments and feedback.
  • Don’t bullshit.
  • Don’t teach the publisher how to suck eggs.
  • Doth turn up late.
  • Don’t turn up hung-over.

Delivery of the pitch.

  • “A good idea told badly sounds like a bad idea.”


  • Why the game is great.
  • Cost/ Date/ Schedule status.
  • Who you are.
  • Remind them why the game is great. Recap.
  • Questions, comments and feedback.

Who Pitches?

  • Most Passionate person.
  • Look for every advantage e.g. someone who speaks the native tong to a company.

Business Case

  • Cover what you want first.
  • Pre prepare slides for Q&A.


  • Assets.
  • Hand outs.
  • Bribes.

Have Passion!

  • If you’re not passionate about your game who will be?

Over the summer I decided to try and make a 3D model of Trafalgar law’s ship. These are the reference images I used:

law ship 1

law ship 2

law ship 3

law ship 4

law ship 5

I started by making the front of the ship as it is the central piece were everything will connect. I then attempted to make the back section by polly capping the top of a rectangle to the base of a cylinder, it didn’t go very well.

Laws ship screen 1

I then decided to scrap the end section and start it again and slanted the front to match the image.

Laws ship screen 2

I then created the back section out of separate shapes this worked much better.

Laws ship screen 3

I then focused on the tail fin I wasn’t sure on how to make a nice curve so I made it more triangular.

Laws ship screen 5

I then added the side fins.

Laws ship screen 6

Next I added the top cabin and made it out of several shapes like the back of the ship.

Laws ship screen 7

I then added the masts.

kid test screen 9

I then started work on the base of the ship.

kid test screen 10

Laws ship screen 11

I then added the sales, flag and lanterns.

Laws ship screen 12

I was quite happy with the shape except for the back fin so I decided to play around with the swift loop tool and adding sections, then raising them gradually till I had a smoother shape, the result was much better.

Laws ship screen 13

I then grouped the object and started the UV unwrap.

Law ship1

Laws ship screen 14

Trafalger Law ship map

I am currently still in the processes of texturing but here is what I have got so far.

Trafalger Law ship map example

Laws ship screen 15


I recently purchased the book Heroes & Heroines, I thought it would be a good starting point for research because it is filled with different artwork of both anime and Games showing lots of different poses to reference and lists the artist for each work. This will allow me to fined more artists who’s work I’m interested in and research more into their carers. Hear are a few that I already found and want to research for various reasons:

Soejima Shigenori – Art Director for: Catherine, Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4, persona 4 arena, persona 4 the Golden and Persona 4 the animation. These are some of my favorite games so I’m interested to see what other works he has done.


Nishimura Kinu – Art Director for: Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors. I love the way the characters are coloured and would like to see more of this style.


Miwa Shirow – Art Director for: 7th Dragon 2020. Again the characters stood out to me immediately because of how the colours giving a very crisp look.


Komatsuzaki Rui – Art Director for: Dangan Ronpa. The art style of the characters stand out to me because of how soft the colours look.


Yasuda Scuzuhito – Art Director for: Devil Survivor Overclock and Devil Survivor 2. I was drawn in by the crispness of the characters and how line light they are.


There are many more in the book but these five are the ones I want to look into first.

After watching some modeling tutorials on YouTube on how to Plane Model 3Ds Max:

I then decided to try the first tutorial were you use the cut tool to cut round the image on the plain and add all the polys in your self. I thought doing this one first it would give me a better idea of what shape the polys should be in areas like the eyes, mouth, nose etc. before I attempt the second tutorial I watched. Here is my attempt:

kid test screen 1

kid test screen 2

kid test screen 3

kid test screen 4

kid test screen 5

kid test screen 6

kid test screen 7

I thought that the ball did not fit the back of the face properly so I decided to go back and edit the edges of the face.

kid test screen 8