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In this post I am going to upload any other shops, buildings and features I find that may be useful for me and the other people in the group while walking round:


I thought this was interesting because of the number of washing machines stacked on top of each other; if you were to put this in a game it would make for good cover or allow access to a vantage point if you climbed.




I think that these would make great cover in a game rather than have open streets relying only on the buildings for cover.


I walked round town and got some photos of the local comic book shops:



I noticed while looking at both these comic shops that the store signs are very simplistic and only text but they have lots of posters advertising what they sell in the windows which catch your eye more than the actual store sign.

I also found an old book shop down Holderness road that is the same type of building I am trying to make:




I like the layout of the building front with the doors next to each other but I think I will have my show window be more angular than this shops.

I walk down Holderness Road almost every day to go to university and notice all the shops closing down and new ones opening up and how all the shop fronts are all the same standard thing, you only really see the character of the building when you look up because the owners usually renovate the ground level of the building. This is because most people don’t look above eye level and if they do its usually just to read the shop sign.

Here are some examples of the architecture that you may not notice:

DSC_0049 DSC_0050 DSC_0051 DSC_0053

This house was converted into a doctors you wouldn’t notice by looking at it from the front unless you read the sign it has mainly had work to the back of the building adding a car park and disabled access.

TDSC_0057 DSC_0058 DSC_0066

This is probably the best preserved building down Holderness Road.

DSC_0073 DSC_0074 DSC_0075 DSC_0079


The plastic looking wood effect reminded me of architecture from the 70’s.

Up above isn’t the only place you may notice unique features, while walking back looking towards the ground I spotted a name of a company placed into the path from a shop which has not been in that spot for as long as I can remember. I sadly could not take a picture of the full thing but here is the beginning and the end of the company name:



Some of the buildings down Holderness Road are neglected like these:


DSC_0055 DSC_0056 DSC_0052


There are a few buildings being restored and some have had a full frontal change:


This building had the original windows taken out and the entire front replaced I think this has ruined the character of the building and it makes it stand out because of the dull plaster job that has been slapped on the front.


When the shop was bought by the new owner they wasted no time in re-doing the front of the building and are now improving the roof.

The demographic of people I saw while walking down Holderness road during the day was families or older people doing their shopping because of the wide verity of food shops from known brands to local fruit shops and butchers. At night the streets are almost empty apart from people getting out of taxis to go to the pub or an ATM. Their are also a few people walking into town probably to save money for a cheep night out.

I like the area around Mount Pleasant because it has an example of everything; new shops doing well, a run down hotel and an area which has been knocked down ready for new development:

DSC_0072 DSC_0070 DSC_0063 DSC_0061

Having a development area like this open up shows that there are still plans to expand and try to attract more people to shop in the area which is what I think will continue to happen into the future shops are closing less often and several new businesses are filling the gaps some of those fail as well but others are holding their own and buying bigger shops further up the road in a more busy section.

Thinking about locations in a game level point of view I liked these areas the best:


The land before Holderness house is full of trees that obscure the building, this could be a good setting for a murder mystery or a hideout.


The scaffolding leading to the flat roof of this building made me think of an assassins creed style of platforming to gain a vantage point.


This closed down old car showroom reminded me of a scene you might see in a horror movie with all the open space and the boarded up windows. It would be very easy to use this area to create suspense and dread.


I like the idea of having shops hidden away inder a bridge It could be an area were information could be obtained or a black market deal could go down.


This reminded me of a lab you would see in a bio horror series like resident evil I think its because of the white colour of the building because labs are always white and sterile.

After going through my ergonomics sheets I decided I would post some of my favorite work from college that relates to games design.

The first is a prop sword I made from wood and old pram parts which could fold away and be detached:







I also did a Photoshopped image of my sword in the hands of Zidane the Final Fantasy character who’s weapon inspired this design:

zidane holding propv2

prop project portfolio sheet

Next is a gun and character design I created to for fill the previously mentioned ergonomics project:


back story visual

pose 1

I was asked to take photo’s and turn them into textures using Photoshop by taking photos of surfaces that would be useful. then you select an area 1024 by 1024 and copy and paste that section in a new window. After that you use the Offset tool and set the horizontal and vertical to 512 and clean up the lines with the Spot Healing Brush tool and the Clone Stamp tool. here are my results:

Texture 1:

Texture 1 in use:

Texture 2:

Texture 2 in use:

Texture 3:

Texture 3 in use:

Texture 4 first attempt:

The repeated rock in this texture stood out too much so I went back and used the Clone Stamp tool to remove it.

Texture 4:

Texture 4 in use:

This looks much better than the first attempt with the repeated rock.

Texture 5:

Texture 5 in use:

I think this is a useful technique to quickly add detail to a surface especially when you build up a library of textures to use. If I gathered more textures I would use a camera with a flash or try to get an area without shadow because they are noticeable when repeated like in texture 5.