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I signed up to take part in the game jam that ran on 29th & 30th October 2014. This was a great experience as we split into groups and had to quickly generate ideas and carry them out in a one day time limit. The game idea we came up with was a maze game were you had to collect orbs to keep moving and if you failed to collect orbs in time you slowed down and eventually stopped moving, this would be a score based game with your score depending on how long you survived. I took the job of making some of the textures and assets for our game and rigging some of the enemies.

Toxic Barrel Render 1

Ant Render 1

Ant Render 2

Spider Render 1

Spider Render 2

I learn’t a lot about cat rigs from this and also was the first time I used bitmap2material3 which can generate all of the maps you want from just your diffuse and make them tillable. This saved a lot of time and is a piece of software I will be using a lot more in the future. Creating the paths for the enemies to walk down was extremely difficult because the routs were off by default and it was an extremely easy fix when you know what your doing (press P to toggle path on and off) however it was not made clear and took a lot of searching in forums to fined.

Paths off:

Game jam screen shot 5


Paths on:

Game jam screen shot 4

Game screens:

Game jam screen shot 1

Game jam screen shot 3

Game jam screen shot 2

Overall I am pleased with the final product we over came a lot of obstacles as a team (enemy pathing) and managed to implement many more mechanics than we originally aimed for.


After talking to my tutor I decided it would be beneficial to sketch the scene to gain a better sense of the space. This exercise would force me to look even closer at the image and focus on all of the details in the scene, this may bring to attention details I had over looked or gotten wrong. Also sketching the modular sections, areas you cant see and make a plan of the area would further help give me a better idea of how I will create them in the 3D space and strengthen the ideas I got from creating the high poly blockout.


Sketch of scene 1

After sketching the scene I noticed the windows on the roofs are not tiled like I thought when I made the blockout instead it’s more like a wooden frame painted the same as the roof tiles.

Area Plan:

Area Plan

After scanning the area plan I made some tweaks in Photoshop as I felt the gap in the main street was a little to wide and added green lines showing the routes players can take to navigate the streets.

Area Planv2

Side section sketch:

Side street 1

This is a rough initial idea of how the space in between the main house could look. Taking this forward I think it would be worth doing more sketches progressively as I start to build up more areas and finalize the designs of the modular pieces to gain a better awareness of the space.


Here are more sketches of the scene to help make the map look more lived in.



I started by looking at my blockout and seeing which assets are usable to out into the modular kit. Below are the pieces I think will work this may change depending on the other pieces I make further into development.

Roof Window:

Roof Window

Curved Support:

curved support

Door Awning:

Door orning

Straight Support:

strait support





I then decided to use Photoshop to mark out what segments I will make into modular pieces. I decided to colour code them between first choice (how I would like the modular piece to be made) and their backups if the first choice does not work. I had problems with getting bricks round doors and windows to tile seamlessly with the wall in the client project so having the backup keeps everything clear.


modular render

Attack on TitanModular window 1

Modular building piece

modular door and wall

Modular window abd wall

Modular house plan

Taking this forward I will sketch out the modular pieces and try to refine them and figure out how to make them fit together nicely.

I dropped my sketches into Photoshop and worked them up the following are the rooms at 2 different stages in their completion.

coloured room

coloured roomv2

coloured hallway

coloured hallwayv2

Coloured downstairs

Coloured downstairsv2

With my storyboard complete and my prototype in development I started making the stills for my cut scene. I am only making the story board images up to the package arriving because I then plan to abruptly move the demo into a combat system if everything goes as planned.

I started by creating the dialog box.


Cut sceene images1

Cut sceene images2

Cut sceene images3

Cut sceene images4

Cut sceene images5

Cut sceene images6

Cut sceene images7

Cut sceene images8

Cut sceene images14

Cut sceene images10

Cut sceene images11

Cut sceene images12

Cut sceene images13

I plan to take these images and add the text so I can drop them quickly into flash and navigate to the next one using a simple button command.

Cut sceene images15

Cut sceene images16

Cut sceene images17

Cut sceene images18

Two different people are involved in this conversation but its hard to tell besides the tone of what their saying because both characters are not introduced yet. In the real game they would be voiced making it easier to differentiate the dialog.

Cut sceene images19

Cut sceene images20

Cut sceene images21

Cut sceene images22

Cut sceene images23

RPG Title Menu.

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I decided to keep the title menu screen simple because there are usually only three options; new game, load game and options. I decided to stick with these three for my menu and placed an optical illushion in the background to represent one of the portals a player would have to go through.

Start menu

I got the optical illusion Image from here. I  then modified the colour and darkness of the image.

I had several people comment that the black text was hard to read so I changed it to white to help it stand out. I initially though of this problem myself but thought slightly lightening the background would be enough to help the text stand out as a bolder black but these comments helped inform me that this was a bad design choice.

Start menuv2

I made a low poly sky dish for the street, the biggest problem with this was shaping the sphere to the right shape.

 Sky dish screen 1

Sky dish screen 2

Sky dish screen 3

Sky dish screen 4