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As part of our hand in for interactive environments we had to give a group presentation. I helped coordinate this by making a structure document so we could assign each person to cover one point. I chose to talk about the group’s online communication. Here is my slide:

Mark Shaw - Communication Presentation Slide

I also made a page of notes but when it came to giving the presentation I tried to avoid reading off my sheet. I think that I spoke confidently about the topic however I did look at my own slide a few times I feel that I should have kept eye contact with the audience the whole time. I also stumbled during one of my sentences and ended it prematurely because I could not think of a better way to rephrase what I wanted to convey. This is something I could have worked on by doing a rehearsal to myself to make sure could say everything clearly and keep my sentences flowing smoothly.

After the presentation was over we gained some useful feedback on the project as a whole and how we should have considered showing the level in play instead of using only a fly through. This would have gave us more of a chance to show off the interactive elements in the space we created and also make sure that everything feels natural and not exaggerated or out of place.

Overall I feel the presentation was a success but there are still minor issues with my presenting skills that I need to iron out.


To prepare for the group presentation we are giving on the paragon project we talked about what possibilities there were to show off the level and decided a fly through would be the best option. Through out the fly through we will have a flat plain textured with a slide of information the video will then be paused and the speakers can talk about their segment. I came up with the following structure plan to make sure we have a slide for every learning out come on the brief and will post a link to it on the steam group and print physical hand outs for the next lesson so everyone has a copy and we are all prepared.

Presentation structure

Introduce the project:

  • What was the objective?


  •   What we needed to know.
  •    How would we do it?
  •   What we found out.

Interactivity in the world:

  •  What interactivity takes place in public places?


  • Group meetings.
  • What solutions we came up with to keep in touch outside of Uni.
  • How well did it work?
  • Improvements.

Interactivity within assets and design:

  • What assets we needed to focus on.

·        Development.

  • Interactivity within the assets.

The environment:

  • The layout/ design.
  • Interactive elements.

Closing thoughts:

  • What worked
  • What could be improved?
  • Final thoughts – optimistic taking the project forward to the client project?


  • Q&A.
  • Prepare extra material to answer potential questions.