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Over the summer I worked at the architectural design partners. While I was there I learnt how to use CAD and implemented these skills to trace maps and start outlines for projects that would be done further down the line by the rest of the team. This would allow them to go straight into adding the detail and not have to bother with the basic shape of the building. Sadly I was not allowed to take many examples of this because of client confidentiality been work related to people’s homes. I also worked on making 3D models based on the floor plans in Google sketchup to help the customer get a better idea of the space that would be created. Alongside the technical stuff I also carried out basic admin tasks such as scanning, printing and filing. I also worked on visuals for a project that is currently under NDA and will share information and visuals when I can.

Sketchup screen 2

Sketchup screen 1

Sketchup screen 3

Sketchup screen 4

Sketchup screen 5

Sketchup screen 6

Sketchup screen 7

Sketchup screen 8

Sketchup screen 9


This was a really great experience which has tort me a lot more about how 3D skills can be used in an industry outside of game design and what its like to work in an office environment.


I signed up to take part in the game jam that ran on 29th & 30th October 2014. This was a great experience as we split into groups and had to quickly generate ideas and carry them out in a one day time limit. The game idea we came up with was a maze game were you had to collect orbs to keep moving and if you failed to collect orbs in time you slowed down and eventually stopped moving, this would be a score based game with your score depending on how long you survived. I took the job of making some of the textures and assets for our game and rigging some of the enemies.

Toxic Barrel Render 1

Ant Render 1

Ant Render 2

Spider Render 1

Spider Render 2

I learn’t a lot about cat rigs from this and also was the first time I used bitmap2material3 which can generate all of the maps you want from just your diffuse and make them tillable. This saved a lot of time and is a piece of software I will be using a lot more in the future. Creating the paths for the enemies to walk down was extremely difficult because the routs were off by default and it was an extremely easy fix when you know what your doing (press P to toggle path on and off) however it was not made clear and took a lot of searching in forums to fined.

Paths off:

Game jam screen shot 5


Paths on:

Game jam screen shot 4

Game screens:

Game jam screen shot 1

Game jam screen shot 3

Game jam screen shot 2

Overall I am pleased with the final product we over came a lot of obstacles as a team (enemy pathing) and managed to implement many more mechanics than we originally aimed for.

Over the summer we continued to work on the Paragons Past project and develop it further while integrating it with the Oculus rift. I further developed my road asset making it larger and adding the second set of tram lines to the texture. I also came in on the 4th September to help with the instillation the the first job I did was buy a HDMI cable as the one we had with the oculous had gone missing, I also purchased some glasses wipes so we could clean the lenses of the Oculous making it nicer for everyone to use. Later in the day I helped carry the TV through the building and load it into the car as well as carrying other equipment across to the history center. I then helped set up the instillation, the first job was finding a good spot for out stand to go as we were sharing the space with the fashion group and needed to keep the TV out of the direct sun light to reduce glare. I attended the opening event that evening which was a good experience to see everyone’s reactions to the project and answer questions mainly associated to the technology, it was also the first event that I helped out at that used the Oculous this involved making sure that it was comfortably and securely fastened on the user as well as walking them through the space if they were not comfortable with using a controller themselves. I then manned the display all day on the 13th September with three others from our group.

Road Render



Paragons Past was been displayed at the Platform event (14th November 2014) and they needed student to man the display. I came in and manned it for most of the day excluding a lunch break and a wonder round the other exhibits There was a lot of interest for the project among the visitors and it was a great opportunity to get the project out there to such a large group of people. The booth was pretty much the same as before just adjusting the headset if needed and talking them through the basics of the project as well as navigating them through the space if they were not confident in using a keyboard and mouse.



I was asked to help out at the 2014 UCAS event in Manchester on the 25th November, I was their to man the Oculus rift and explain a bit about the project to anyone who showed interest. manning the Oculus was the same basic jobs, making sure the lenses were clean and making sure it was all fastened properly and comfortably on their head. I also helped out filling bags with prospectuses to be taken away by people who were interested in the courses as well as guiding people to the tutor most suited to talk about the course they had interest in. This was a really good experience because I am quite nevus at public events and tend to rely on other people to do the talking. This forced me to take charge and sound confident in what I was saying and after the first couple of groups it no longer bothered me. I felt much more confident in talking and asking people to come over instead of waiting for them to come to me. This was a great experience for my social skills and confidence and I think in the future I will try and take a much more prominent role at talking with the public. Along side this it was also a good test of my time keeping skills as I had to make my own way there from Hull and if I missed my train I would not have made it to the event.

An interesting point in the day was when an attendant manning another booth who was also showing the Oculus came over to see what we was running because they were using the demo disk. This allowed me to talk about the interest we have had from museums and other applications we had discussed outside of gaming that a 3D navigable space could be useful for.