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After a group meeting we decided to split into teams to tackle tasks that needed to be sorted for the show, I am part of the team planning the fly through and getting the initial footage. We started by looking at the map and coming up with a narrative, we decided to follow a soldier departing for war and have him sit in the station then cut to shots of the area and try to present it in such a way that it looks like he is remembering the place he is trying to protect before departing. We condensed this into short stages and made notes on the map.


We then agreed it would be best if we each made a story board planning the route and take the best pieces from each whether that be the description, shots, ideas or sketches and combined them into one for when we gather the screen shots and set up the camera root in the engine. My story board is very quick and rough, I think it will be an advantage to swap the story board sketches with screen shots to make everything crystal clear to the people who are going to do the video editing on the footage.

Story Board 1

Story Board 2

Story Board 3

This story board was just quick sketches of my ideas and will be refined with the group and like i said before I want to swap the sketches for screenshots and the text should be typed up. This will make the information understandable by anyone in the group which is essential.

Below are the screen shots of the rout we would take and angles we wanted to showcase each building.

Part 1

Camera follows train to station and pans around the station top.

Story Board Screenshot 1

Story Board Screenshot 2

Story Board Screenshot 3

Story Board Screenshot 4

Story Board Screenshot 5

Part 2

First route if we decide not to go down Anlaby Road.

Story Board Screenshot 6

Story Board Screenshot 7

Story Board Screenshot 8

Story Board Screenshot 9

Story Board Screenshot 10

Second Rout if we do go down Anlaby Road.

Story Board Screenshot 6

Story Board Screenshot 7

Story Board Screenshot 11

Story Board Screenshot 12

Story Board Screenshot 13

Story Board Screenshot 14

Story Board Screenshot 15

Part 3

Entering station buying a ticket and waiting for the train.

Story Board Screenshot 16

Story Board Screenshot 17

Story Board Screenshot 18

Part 4

Beauty shots of the area.

Story Board Screenshot 19

Story Board Screenshot 20

Story Board Screenshot 21

Story Board Screenshot 22

Story Board Screenshot 23

Story Board Screenshot 24

Story Board Screenshot 25

Story Board Screenshot 26

Story Board Screenshot 27

Story Board Screenshot 28

Story Board Screenshot 29

Story Board Screenshot 30

Story Board Screenshot 31

Story Board Screenshot 32


before I started turning one of my blockout buildings into modular pieces I sketched how I planned to split them up.

Modular Piece Sketch

This plan worked out well and I could use these pieces to make the full house and size I wanted. When I tested it in UDK there was some flickering were the beams overlapped so I quickly sketched a solution.

Modular Piece Sketch2

My next step is to modify the modular pieces so they are missing beams on the indicated sides.

After talking to my tutor I decided it would be beneficial to sketch the scene to gain a better sense of the space. This exercise would force me to look even closer at the image and focus on all of the details in the scene, this may bring to attention details I had over looked or gotten wrong. Also sketching the modular sections, areas you cant see and make a plan of the area would further help give me a better idea of how I will create them in the 3D space and strengthen the ideas I got from creating the high poly blockout.


Sketch of scene 1

After sketching the scene I noticed the windows on the roofs are not tiled like I thought when I made the blockout instead it’s more like a wooden frame painted the same as the roof tiles.

Area Plan:

Area Plan

After scanning the area plan I made some tweaks in Photoshop as I felt the gap in the main street was a little to wide and added green lines showing the routes players can take to navigate the streets.

Area Planv2

Side section sketch:

Side street 1

This is a rough initial idea of how the space in between the main house could look. Taking this forward I think it would be worth doing more sketches progressively as I start to build up more areas and finalize the designs of the modular pieces to gain a better awareness of the space.


Here are more sketches of the scene to help make the map look more lived in.



I started by looking at my blockout and seeing which assets are usable to out into the modular kit. Below are the pieces I think will work this may change depending on the other pieces I make further into development.

Roof Window:

Roof Window

Curved Support:

curved support

Door Awning:

Door orning

Straight Support:

strait support





I then decided to use Photoshop to mark out what segments I will make into modular pieces. I decided to colour code them between first choice (how I would like the modular piece to be made) and their backups if the first choice does not work. I had problems with getting bricks round doors and windows to tile seamlessly with the wall in the client project so having the backup keeps everything clear.


modular render

Attack on TitanModular window 1

Modular building piece

modular door and wall

Modular window abd wall

Modular house plan

Taking this forward I will sketch out the modular pieces and try to refine them and figure out how to make them fit together nicely.

I decided the main characters special attack would be a supersonic punch that brakes the sound barrier. This is my sketch of the five steps to the animation of this move.


to make this work I would have to replicate the motion of each pose in my characters cat rig and set up a code for when the animation should be played and how the damage would work. I currently don’t feel confident in my skills with rigging or coding to perform this as I am still unable to export a walk cycle into Unity. These are all things I would need help with or more time to research.


This is my initial idea for the first stage of the game, it has a rough indication of obstacles and items, this will give me a good starting point of the structure I will need to create in Unity and what sort of code I will need to fined like how to make platforms move.



Cancelled? HUD Ideas.

Posted: January 2, 2014 in Aspects of Play
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These are my initial ideas for the HUD designs of Cancelled? since there is only health, energy and lives in the game it was optimal to keep everything in the top left corner of the screen.