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After the second visit to the station I had enough measurements to start blocking out the rough scale model (1:100).

station mesurments blocked out 1

I still need to know how far across the ticket booth is located, the lengthen on the other platforms and the measurements of the front and right side of the hotel. The hight of the fence and buildings, as well as the depth of the track, are also to be confirmed and just a rough visual aid at this time.


I tried importing the model I made in Sketchup over to 3Ds Max to try and work it up but when it transferred it added a lot of UN-necessary polygons so I decided to just use it as a reference and start over.

development screen 1

I was then walked through the best way to reproduce the bay window of my shop.

development screen 2

I then started to measure a base cube to work from but realized that the scale in 3Ds Max and what is used in UDK is different.

development screen 3

To help with this I got rid of the Sketchup model and found a 3Sd Max model of the UDK man to use as a scale reference.

development screen 4

After making a new cube that was a good proportion to the UDK man I then detached the front of my building to add detail this allowed me to use the loop tool and not add unnecessary polys to the sides and back of the building.

development screen 5

I then attached the front of the house to the back and made a gutter and drain pipe which was also attached to the front.

development screen 6

To help me see which area I had selected in the UV map window I was suggested to add a checkered texture. this allowed me to see which areas were lined up correctly by the way the pattern lines up on the model.

the street screen shot 1

I then grouped the UV sections into groups like windows, drain pipe, door etc.

the street screen shot 2

While doing this I noticed a few polygons that were not needed like the base of the door and the caped poly at the bottom of the drain pipe. I will have to be more thorough in looking for access polygons when I start more advanced projects.

commic shop UV map

This was my first attempt at the UV map but when it came to putting poster images in the window I realized that the windows could be moved and made bigger allowing for a higher quality image.

commic shop UV map2

This was a much better layout and allowed me to keep the quality of my images.

commic shop UV mapno light map

This is the basic map with all the textures in place.

commic shop UV map copy

I then used 3Ds max to create a light map for my model and add more detail to my texture.

commic bump test copy

I also made a bump map for my model but found out that you cannot use these in UDK but its still nice to have when looking at the model in 3Ds Max.

commic shop screenshot front

The posters I used are from; One Piece Movie Z, Soul Eater, Gurren Lagann, Death Note and Dragon Ball Z Movie: Battle of the Gods. I am happy with the end result but if I was to do it again I would try and find some better doors and maybe make a few more signs for the shop window like opening times etc.

I had a go at quickly making a 3D model of my shop for the street using Sketchup, I only made the basic shape and will add the main detail using 3ds Max:

House mock up 1

House mock up 2

House mock up 3

After I left it for a while and looked at it again I realized I had missed out some features that would be useful to have blocked in like a chimney and the small windows under the sign:

House mock up 4

I also decided to make a copy of the shop and remove the support at the right hand side of the sign block and make it a little shorter on the side:

House mock up 5

At the moment I prefer the version without the sign but decided to wait and ask other peoples opinions before I take it to the next stage.

Here are the Screenshots of the final version of the Little Red Level:







To fulfil the brief we first got into groups and brainstormed ideas of books to base a game on, we came up with several fairy tale story’s like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood, but in the end we decided to go with the Little Red Riding Hood survival concept we came up with. We then expanded on the idea and decided to set it in London around the time of the Jack the ripper killings. We then researched maps of London and old architecture as well as some of the information on the ripper killings.

With all the information gathered we then plotted a route on one of the maps this would be our level. We then drew a map with rough scale measurements on how long the streets should be and how wide the alleyways were. I then took this map drawing and worked together with Ryan to make a copy in Google Sketchup, we also added the points were you could hide, couldn’t access, tutorial points etc. with colours and added a key so we wouldn’t forget and the rest of the group could understand easily.

With the basic layout made everyone in the group made their own houses to put in the level, this was there would be more variation and make it look more visually pleasing then a level populated with just one or two buildings. I was very pleased with my building design and used custom textures. I also make the sides as septate panels this way my house could be put next to another one without bits sticking out the side and if it was at the end of a street you could just slide a panel onto the building. I also made street lights, lanterns, fruit stand and a wagon these were to be used to add more detail to the streets and the fruit stand and wagon were going to be used as roadblocks in some areas stopping the players progression.

We then started to place all of the houses on the map, we each took this in turns before we broke off for Christmas. For the holidays we each were given one section of the map to do and I was given the job of positioning the houses in the upper centre area, the lampposts and creating the roadblocks (as mentioned earlier). We all then met up before the hand in and combined all our separate files to create the final result.

Overall I am happy with the final outcome; I also think our teamwork was good because everyone finished their tasks and communicated with each other sharing thoughts and opinions as well as help if something wasn’t going right. But if we had more time I would have liked to add more custom textures and have a wider verity of houses. I also think the wagon could have been made better if I spent more time on it or used the warehouse to get existing models and combined pieces to make something new that looked like it fit in the time period.

Road Blocks.

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My second job on the Little Red level design was to make some roadblocks to block some of the roads to stop the player taking that route. I decided to make a cart and a fruit stand as they seemed to fit the time period.

Road Block 1

Road Block 2

Road Block 3

Road Block 4

Road Block 5

Road Block 6

Road Block 7

I then added the road blocks into the house pallet to be easily placed in the level.

Road Block 8

We started to develop the map a but more and experiment with were the buildings would go and how our map design would look in 3D:

Map Development 1

Map Development 2

We all took it in turns to place houses on the map until we broke off for Christmas.

This is the final house pallet we put together with everyone’s houses and the street lamps.

House pallet final

map development 3

map development 4

map development 5

map development 6

map development 7

map development 8

We then assigned everyone a job to do over the holiday. I had to finish placing buildings on the upper half of a street and alleyway in the center of  the level and make the road blocks.

Here is the finished house layout of the section I was given.

house layout 1

house layout 2

house layout 3

house layout 4

house layout 5

house layout 6

Once I finished making my house I decided to make a Victorian style street light one to stand in the street and one to clip on the side of a house.

oil lamp

oil lamp2

oil lamp3

oil lamp4

oil lamp5

oil lamp6

oil lamp7

oil lamp8

oil lamp8 zoom

oil lamp8 zoom 2

This is an image of the lamp in use on the streets of our level in its early development stages.

oil lamp9