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Final Level.

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Self Initiated Project
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Here are screens of the level in its final form for the hand in. This is something that I wish to continue working on in the future as I am disappointed in the level of finish I achieved.

Finished Screen 7

Finished Screen 6

Finished Screen 5

Finished Screen 4

Finished Screen 3

Finished Screen 2

Finished Screen 1

When I re-visit this project I want to re-do the textures of all the housing and add multiple textures to the terrain. I also want to add all of the models I started but did not complete in time for the hand in this would allow me to add doors, windows and other details to the houses so they don’t look like sealed boxes with roofs. I also want to make the space look more lived using some of the other assets I created.



Posted: May 23, 2014 in Self Initiated Project
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I started working into the terrain I had set up earlier trying to get a shape closer the the scene I had in mined.

UDK Terrain Screen 8

I felt the hill area was not elevated enough so I made it a bit steeper.

UDK Terrain Screen 7

I then worked into it to add more slops to walk up and down.

UDK Terrain Screen 6

Once I was happy with the slops i started to focus on the houses and made sure they were all on the terrain and it rose under them accordingly.

UDK Terrain Screen 4

UDK Terrain Screen 3

UDK Terrain Screen 2

Once I was happy with the terrain I added a grass texture and started to add blocking volumes to prevent the player from leaving the map as well as assigning textures to my housing using multisub objects.

UDK Terrain Screen 1

UDK Blockout.

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Self Initiated Project
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I exported grouped panels of my modular pieces to have a quick kit to create a standard house I then copied this template around the map to create a layout based on the sketch I produced, this would allow me to have a sense of scale and positioning and see if anything looked to close together or to far apart.

Original Plan:

Area Planv2

UDK Blockout Screenshot 8

I think I replicated the plans layout well and will improve on the layout when the terrain is in place and the final versions of the houses.

UDK Blockout Screenshot 7

UDK Blockout Screenshot 6

UDK Blockout Screenshot 5

UDK Blockout Screenshot 4

UDK Blockout Screenshot 3

UDK Blockout Screenshot 2

UDK Blockout Screenshot 1

Overall I am pleased with the scale but feel the spacing may need a little tweaking especially when the level is populated with more assets. Taking this forward the next step I want the accomplish is getting the terrain in place then move forward with more substantial assets or texturing.


To help me get ready for making the scene I watched a variety of tutorials on YouTube showing all of the basics of using the terrain tools in UDK. This will help me make the sloped streets and add some more texture to the ground instead of having everything be flat plains.

UDK Scale Test.

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Self Initiated Project
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I grouped all of the modular pieces into one object to save time and then imported it into UDK to test the scale and see is any other changes need to be made.

Udk Test Screen Shot 2

Udk Test Screen Shot 1

The scale seems wright however I will need to modify the modular pieces so they no longer overlap as it causes flickering.

UDK Tutorials.

Posted: January 12, 2014 in Interactive Environments
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To get use to using navigating UDK and gain a basic grasp of how things worked I did three tutorials in class. The first focused on getting you use to the layout of the program and its navigation. The exercises were simple and taught you how to work the brush, use it it to make a plane and a cube and add a texture to the cube.

UDK Tutorials Screen Shot 9

UDK Tutorials Screen Shot 8

The next tutorial took me through how to add the preset assets into the scene and make a custom brush to create specific shapes, this is good for making a specific plain. The goal of this tutorial was to make a room and have a door that opened and closed using kismet.

Ground level view:

UDK Tutorials Screen Shot 7

UDK Tutorials Screen Shot 5

Upper level view:

UDK Tutorials Screen Shot 6

UDK Tutorials Screen Shot 4


UDK Tutorials Screen Shot 3

The last tutorial went through the lighting and had us attach a room to the other side of the door.

UDK Tutorials Screen Shot 2

Room beyond the door had no lighting.

UDK Tutorials Screen Shot 1

These tutorials gave me the basics to work in UDK ready for when we import our my assets into the group level.