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After looking at examples of uniforms I started to quickly sketch some rough ideas and designs down for my own uniforms.


I then took more time and drew them with some detail.

Summer Uniform 1:

Uniform 1

Winter Uniform 1:


Winter uniform 2:


Summer Uniform 2:


I then quickly sketch some legs neatened them up and put them together in Photoshop. I then did a survey to see which uniform people liked best.


Uniform Test

People voted for Summer uniform 1 and Winter uniform 1 the most so I am going to use these designs in my game. I then looked at possible colour schemes for the uniform.

Uniform 1 colour schemes

I took another vote on the colour scheme and the blue and yellow combination won almost unanimously.

I then designed a female version of my summer and winter uniforms.



With a uniform set I am now ready to move forward with my character designs.


School Uniform Research.

Posted: February 23, 2013 in Game Design 2
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To help me create a uniform the high school in my game I looked at several other uniforms from games and anime.


Example from the anime: Angel Beats!

The guys have a very basic uniform of a cream blazer, trousers, belt, blue tie and white shirt. while the girls have a much more colorful shirt having blue cuffs, collar and a pink tie along with a blue skirt. The emblem they wear is located on the shoulder instead of on the right side of the chest, which is usually the case with uniforms, and is a coat of arms shield this is defiantly a style of emblem to look into when designing my own school logo. I also like the darker lines of colours in both sets of clothes that make the edges of the fabric stand out more.


Example from the game: Persona 3

the colour scheme of this uniform stands out to me as the red and black. the clothes look much more professional and adult than the previous uniform. the logo is also very simple as it is just a small badge with 3 colours. once again the uniform is made up of a shirt, jacket, trousers or skirt with the main difference been the bow instead of the tie.


Example from the anime: Baka & Test

This uniform is very simple with the school crest located on the tie. I really liked the simplicity of the design, it makes it seem more natural to me, ans I like how the lines of black on the shirts break up the white and strengthen the edges.


Example from the game: Blazblue

I really liked the colour scheme of this design but the uniform itself is very futuristic, which is were the game is set.