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Overall I managed to keep to my target with slight variations were things came up and I had to stop working for a few hours, this made me realize how important flexibility in the schedule is important because you cant predict everything that will happen during the day.

Time Table update 3_3_14

I also decided to add an extra segment to my scheduled, preparation this will be the time i spend back saving files and printing if needed. This will hopefully keep me more organized in a morning.

Time Table update 3_3_14 updated


I decided to go back to my block out and add roof tiles so the detail could be baked down later.

Houseing Blockout Screenshot 23

I then went back and added more detail to some of the house beams and added beams to areas I was not originally going to add detail because you may not have seen them.

Houseing Blockout Screenshot 19

Houseing Blockout Screenshot 22

Houseing Blockout Screenshot 20

Houseing Blockout Screenshot 21

I plan to check the model further and make any slight alterations before doing final renders. I will then take this forward and use it as a reference for making the modular segments.

After I added textures to all of my modular parts with the new bricks I tried to line them up and instantly i came across a problem the bricks around the door did not line up with the wall segment, it was safe to assume the window would be the same, the bricks above the entrance also did not line up.

The Lair Screen Shot 15

To get around this i reverted to an idea I had earlier which was to make the doors and windows separate and sit them on top of the bricks, I wanted to avoid this because the door and window areĀ suppose to be inset.

The Lair Screen Shot 14

The Lair Screenshot 13

I also made a smaller wall segment to place above the entrance.

The Lair Screen Shot 17

All the pieces worked better than I thought they would and they don’t look out of place sat on top of the wall.

The Lair Screen Shot 16

Next is refining everything and adding depth to all of the textures by using the other materiel channels.

The Paragon project has now continued into the client based project and with that we are expanding outside of the station to the surrounding area again. I have gone Back to working on the lair, I made snapping a priority making sure that all the modular pieces would fit together correctly this will make it much easier to reconstruct in the engine.

The Lair Screenshot 3

The Lair Screenshot 1

The Lair Screenshot 2

The Lair Screenshot 4

With everything snapping to the grid correctly I then moved on to unwrapping all of the assets and deleting all of the duplicates.

The Lair Screenshot 6

The Lair Screenshot 5

With each asset unwrapped I then added collisions to each individual asset allowing for more versatility than if I were to just add collisions to the shell (model with roof and the two side walls).

The Lair Screenshot 7

I did not add any collisions to the roof because there should be no way to access it. With the collisions done I started to zero out every asset individually and saved them all as separate files. zeroing out the X,Y & Z coordinates of a model is very important for ease when you port it into the engine the assets pivot will be set to the zeroed out coordinated regardless of were your model was located in the program. This means that if you forget this step the pivot will be far away from your model making movement difficult and making any sort of precision impossible without first correcting the pivot point.

The Lair Screenshot 8

With all the models zeroed out I them moved on to texturing.

The Lair Screenshot 9

The Lair Screenshot 10

The entrance way did not turn out that bad however the bricks need changing to the actual colour of the bricks from the lair, I also need to fined a suitable glass texture and need to add more detail to the floor tiles as they are just a drawn black grid on a white background.

The Lair Screenshot 12

The Lair Screenshot 11

I am pleased with the way the roof tiles worked out but once again the bricks need replacing.

Taking this forward I need to visit the lair again and take some texture photographs and then finish texturing the rest of the pieces. once that is complete I can add more depth to the texturing using normal maps to try and improve the level of detail.