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Crate Unwraps.

Posted: January 10, 2014 in Interactive Environments
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To help speed up production Scott gave me half of his crates to unwrap while he did the other half cutting the unwrapping time in half.

First was the big crates:

Scotts Crates To Unwrap Screen Collection Screen 6

Scotts Crates To Unwrap Screen Collection Screen 5

Big Crate 1:

Scotts Big Crate 1

With the second crate I noticed a poly was not needed on the bottom of the ramp I asked Scott if I should remove it and he gave the ok so I did. You can see the difference in the unwraps.

Big Crate 2 Before:

Scotts Big Crate 2

Big Crate 2 After:

Scotts Big Crate 2 v2

Big Crate 3:

Scotts Big Crate 3

Second was the cargo crates:

Scotts Crates To Unwrap Screen Collection Screen 4

Scotts Crates To Unwrap Screen Collection Screen 3

Cargo Crate 1:

Scotts Cargo Crate 1

Cargo Crate 2:

Scotts Cargo Crate 2

Lastly was the long handle crates:

Scotts Crates To Unwrap Screen Collection Screen 2

Scotts Crates To Unwrap Screen Collection Screen 1

Long Handle Crate 1:

Scotts Long Handle Crate 1

Long Handle Crate 2:

Scotts Long Handle Crate 2

All of these models were easy to unwrap with little to no fixes required. To help save even more time I also added the second UV channel so Scott only has to add the collision and texture to each model.


I practiced creating roses from a wire frame line to get a better idea of how to create more organic shapes.

flower screen 13My first attempt had rough edges so I looked up how to smooth the lines I draw with the line tool to get a more curved shape.

flower screen 12

I then used the lathe tool but only created a segment because flowers are not perfectly round.

flower screen 11

I then added a shell modifier to add some thickness to each segment.

flower screen 10

I then played around with the array and noise modifiers. this would allow me to have several segments that are not connected to replicate different petals, also by using the array I only have to modifier the original and all changes will happen to all the others making it easier to get things perfect.

flower screen 9

flower screen 8

I then created a stem by creating a cylinder with several segments and added a noise modifier.

flower screen 7

I then did a quick render.

rose render

The flower still did not look quite right so I played around with different modifiers and found the twist modifier this made the spacing between each pettle look more natural.

flower screen 5

I then started to reduce the polys and get rid of any unnecessary petals.

flower screen

I then experimented with making low poly flowers because I could not bring the count of the rose below 1000 this is useless as a back ground asset in a game and more suited for a focal point.

flower screen 3

Once I was happy with the flowers I unwrapped them and added basic textures trying to use the brush tools to add highlights and tones.

Rose 2

Rose 1

tissue paper uv


plastic flower bucket 2

plastic flower bucket 1

Flower1 2

Flower1 1

Daisy 2


flower screen 2

I then added collisions to the models that needed them and exported each flower individually zeroing out there coordinates to center the pivoted when they are put in the engine.

With the flowers out the way I had some time so I made a newspaper I kept it as low poly as possible and hope to make it look less ridged when I look into more advanced texturing.

flower screen 1

I was handed the train to unwrap to help move the project along. When I received the model I quickly realized there was more to sort out than just the unwrap.

Train unwrap screen 10

There was a lot of wasted polys on the bases of objects that sat on top of the train, numerous n-gons and polys that were sunk into one another that were unnecessary. I had a go at cleaning it up but realized it would take me to long so I asked Matt to take a look at it as he is the most experienced with the software in our group. I watched him clean up the model and picked up a few tips and shortcuts that will help me cut down the time it takes me to make models in the future.

Train unwrap screen 9

With the train grouped correctly and corrected I tried to begin the unwrap but the top part refused to unwrap and flatten correctly.

Train unwrap screen 8

Train unwrap screen 7

To get around this I had to export the mesh as an .OBJ file then opened the model again and it unwrapped properly I also created the collision for the mesh.

Train unwrap screen 6

Train unwrap screen 5

I then realized that the inside of the train were the driver would sit and since the outside of the train will be textured different to the inside making it a two sided texture wouldn’t work. so I capped the poly with some difficulty and unwrapped the rest of the segments.

Train unwrap screen 3

Train unwrap screen 2

Train unwrap screen 1

I then turned each segment back into an editable poly to save the UV data and handed the model back to Adam to add mode detail, with the UV data stored it will make the unwrapping much faster in the future.