Project Update 19/05/14.

Posted: May 20, 2014 in Self Initiated Project
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Last week was the final week for the client project and when the instillation took place. With everything needing so much work to complete I decided it was more of a priority than the self initiated project and focused all of my time on completing it and focusing on the instillation.

Weekly update 19-05-2014

Because some things have taken longer than I expected and with me putting this project on hold to get cats done for handin then the same with the client project I have not managed to keep on top of my weekly targets. I have come up with smaller goals to try and complete to get the project ready for the handin:

Monday – Start evaluation, create folders ready for handin, back save all 3ds max files. A goal which I completed and has prepared everything for the handin on Thursday even if nothing else got done due to unforeseen circumstances I would be able to hand in my progress so far with no problem.

Tuesday – Finish terrain & work on design document, texture assets if there is time left over.

Wednesday – Texture as many buildings as possible and put them in the engine, update evaluation, finish design document and create presentation.

Thursday – Check through the level and make any improvements possible till 10:30 then create the .exe and finalize evaluation and design document for handin.


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